If the time comes to reset your Garmin watch to its original settings, then here’s how you can do it in just a few simple steps. If you’ve reached the end of the road with your Garmin watch, then you’ll likely need to reset it, particularly if you’re giving it to [...]
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Apple AirTag in a leather holder in red
Apple AirTag in a leather holder in red If you’re looking at buying an iPhone, you might have heard about the U1 chip powering some of the smartphone’s features. But, what exactly does it do? Read on to learn all about the Apple U1 chip, including what it is, what it does [...]
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OPINION: Google’s latest phone launch was a prime example of the compulsive yet unnecessary yearly churn in the smartphone market. Yesterday, Google unveiled its new line of Pixel phones. But, the Pixel Watch and Pixel Tablet launches aside, if somehow you had accidentally streamed last year’s launch instead then frankly you [...]
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Lionsgate Plus logo
There’s a new streaming service on the block in Lionsgate Plus, except it’s actually the same as one that’s been around for years. As of late September 2022, premium streaming service Starz Play was rebranded as Lionsgate+ in the UK and 35 other markets outside of the United States. If you aren’t [...]
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Best Smartwatch
If you’re on the market for a smartwatch then you’re in luck as the market is currently booming. From the humble days of Pebble, where smartwatches were basically pagers strapped to your wrist, the market has blossomed and these days there are a wealth of great wearables to choose from. Whether [...]
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If you consider the camera to be the most important spec when choosing a new phone, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tested a wide range of camera phones to determine which ones are the best for photography and which you should avoid altogether.  While we’d still recommend any serious [...]
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Suzuka Circuit F1 hairpin
Results didn’t go Max Verstappen’s way at the last round where Sergio Perez fended off Charles Leclerc to win, but he and Red Bull couldn’t have picked a place as good to win than the driver’s title than Honda’s home race at Suzuka. Like Singapore it’s been three years since F1 [...]
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Mario trailer
Nintendo has released the official trailer for the forthcoming Super Mario Bros. animated movie, giving us our first look at Chris Pratt as the iconic portly plumber. Pratt, of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, is the new voice behind Mario and the trailer released on Thursday is the first time we’ve [...]
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Steam Dock
Valve has made the long-awaited Steam Deck Dock available to order, and you won’t have to wait in line for months to get one. The handy dock, which costs $89 (about £80 at the current rate, thanks Lizzy T), has an estimated delivery within 1-2 weeks, depending on where you live. [...]
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Google has confirmed the new Pixel Watch is getting a Fall Detection feature, but it won’t arrive until early 2023. In a blog post explaining the features following the Made by Google event on October 6, Google went into more detail on the Pixel Watch features. The Fall Detection feature will, like [...]
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