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Chrome OS 103 new operating system
OPINION: ChromeOS 103 is now available, making Chromebook devices more integrated than ever with Android phones. But a lot of the features may already be familiar to any iPhone owners out there. As a longstanding iPhone user myself, I can admit that Apple does have its flaws; from overpriced Lighting adaptors [...]
za 25 juni 2022 - 14:00 - -
The internet has been ablaze this week with the long awaited reveal of the Nothing Phone (1), but this journalist believes the handset’s secret weapon is something that’s been missing from smartphones for a long time. Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee recently uploaded the first proper hands-on video for the Nothing Phone [...]
za 25 juni 2022 - 10:00 - -
Windows 8.1
Remember earlier this month when that madlad commissioned a headstone for the not-so-dearly departed Internet Explorer? Well he may want to reserve the plot of land next door for Windows 8.1. While the viral headstone for IE, bore the epitaph: “He was a good tool to download other browsers,” the Windows [...]
vr 24 juni 2022 - 23:05 - -
There have been plenty predictions about when Apple will launch its first AR/VR headset, but to our knowledge, no credible tipsters have ventured to suggest a date. Now the often reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is finally narrowing down the month, saying it’s “likely be announced” in January of 2023. Isn’t he [...]
vr 24 juni 2022 - 22:08 - -
OPINION: Hey guys, in case you didn’t know, the Nothing Phone (1) has transparent casing and a light-up back that’ll signify notifications. It’s practically all that’s interesting about it, on first glance. And that slight tweak of the typical mobile phone design language has the company’s founder, former OnePlus chief [...]
vr 24 juni 2022 - 21:26 - -
Close up image of top half screen of an iPhone 12 displaying J Balvin Colores on Apple music
Apple has confirmed that the price of its student plan is going up in the UK, but learners are still getting a much better deal than everyone else. The company has raised the price £4.99 a month to £5.99 a month, which might be a bummer for those feeling the pinch [...]
vr 24 juni 2022 - 20:14 - -
Garmin is currently one of the biggest names in fitness tracking with consistently high performance when we get the company’s wearables in for testing, which is why you may well be considering one as your next smartwatch. But which one should you get? This is a tricky question as Garmin currently [...]
vr 24 juni 2022 - 18:19 - -
Samsung Neo G9 02
With the recent release of the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8, we thought it was time to compare it to its predecessor, the Odyssey Neo G9. Choosing a new computer monitor can be difficult, especially if you’re torn between two different generations. Since we have reviewed both the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 [...]
vr 24 juni 2022 - 18:01 - -
Adobe Photoshop logo
Looking to spice up your font library? Here’s how to find and install new fonts to use in Photoshop in just a few easy steps.  The easiest way to add a font to Photoshop (or indeed any Creative Cloud service) is with Adobe Fonts. Here you can find a variety of [...]
vr 24 juni 2022 - 17:55 - -
Trusted recommends perfectdraft pro
Welcome to another another edition of Trusted Recommends, where we round up the highest scoring tech over the past seven days. Though this week wasn’t as busy as some previous ones, there were plenty of notable products that scored great reviews in a week where products veered from sports headphones [...]
vr 24 juni 2022 - 16:00 - -