Apple has reportedly told a union that represents filmworkers that its subscriber count in North America is only 20 million. That number is reportedly low enough that it is impacting the money paid to film crew workers. The 20 million North American subscribers is as of July. Low subscriber numbers [...]
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Chemical exposure is fueling obesity problems around the world, and now researchers are calling for governments to expand regulations that target these substances. Called obesogens, the chemicals have hormone-disrupting effects that may play a big role in the development of obesity, as well as making it harder for people to [...]
zo 26 september 2021 - 19:45 - -
Ford has announced that it has teamed up with a company called Redwood Materials. The tie up will create a closed-loop battery recycling program for the US supply chain. Redwood Materials is far from a household name, but it is a leading battery materials company. Cooperation between Ford and Redwood [...]
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Not long ago, the Inspiration4 mission put civilian astronauts into orbit for the first time. They went into orbit aboard a special Crew Dragon capsule that ditched the docking hardware normally used to connect to the ISS in favor of a cupola that allowed the astronauts to see space and [...]
zo 26 september 2021 - 18:16 - -
As part of its recent TUDUM event, Netflix revealed the first trailer for its The Sandman adaptation, as well as a couple of posters for the upcoming series. Among other things, fans of the hit comic book series get their first look at Tom Sturridge playing the role of Dream, [...]
zo 26 september 2021 - 18:02 - -
In years past, Ford built the Shelby GT500 in a convertible bodystyle. Anyone who has been waiting to buy a GT500 in hope that the new S550 generation GT500 would eventually be offered in a convertible, should just stop waiting. It has been confirmed by a Ford executive named Hua [...]
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NASA plans to launch a new and advanced satellite for studying the Earth on Monday. The satellite is called Landsat 9, and as its name suggests it is the ninth satellite in the line to head into orbit. Landsat satellites have been in orbit and imaging the Earth for the [...]
zo 26 september 2021 - 16:51 - -
NASA has announced the release of its first interactive graphic novel. The comic, which is titled “First Woman,” leverages readers’ phones to immerse them in the story using augmented reality tech. As with other media published by NASA, the new graphic novel is free for anyone to download and read, [...]
zo 26 september 2021 - 15:00 - -
Fans have been waiting a long while for the next Stranger Things season, and there won’t be an end to that wait any time soon. Netflix previously announced plans to release Stranger Things season four in 2022, though a more specific launch date hasn’t been revealed yet. However, Netflix is [...]
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Microsoft introduced new versions of mainstream devices that were due and also made some surprise announcements at the latest Surface hardware event. The limelight was stolen by the Surface Pro 8, a 2-in-1 tablet, which brings massive upgrade to the Surface Pro lineup powered by Intel. The tablet gets one [...]
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