If you thought getting hold of a new Ford Bronco was tough, the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor is about to get SUV enthusiasts even more excited. Taller, wider, and more potent than the regular Bronco, it’s the handiwork of Ford Performance and, the automaker claims, the most powerful street-legal Bronco [...]
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Remdesivir in vial
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced an expansion in remdesivir treatment availability. With this change, certain individuals who have developed mild or moderate COVID-19 — but who haven’t been hospitalized — can receive an infusion of the drug. The goal, the FDA says, is to prevent these [...]
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Scanning a document with phone
Document scanners were once a common item in the home and at the office, used for everything from archiving family photos to digitizing business paperwork. Despite their popularity, for many consumers, the smartphone has replaced the need to own a dedicated scanner at all (via Business Insider). Although early smartphone [...]
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Squid Game on TV
Massively popular Korean television show Squid Game will “absolutely” get a second season, according to Netflix’s Ted Sarandos. The co-CEO confirmed the plan during the company’s Q421 earnings call in January, hinting that not only will the show get a second season, but that Netflix may also be eyeing a [...]
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Wemo Stage remote on desk
In April 2021, Belkin released Wemo Stage Scene Controller, a smart home device that can be mounted on a wall like a switch and, when needed, popped free from its case for use as a portable remote control. As its name suggests, Stage is an IoT device intended to control [...]
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Caltech/R. Hurt (IPAC)
You’ve probably heard both astronomers and members of the public arguing about how many planets there are in our solar system. Ever since Pluto was demoted from its planet status in 2006 and downgraded to a “dwarf planet,” people have been arguing that it should be reinstated. However, there’s another [...]
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Wi-Fi repeater
The global pandemic did more to show up deficiencies in internet access than virtually anything else in past decades. With record numbers of individuals working from home, issues with slow internet, spotty connections, and older networking hardware became more apparent than ever. At times, however, the issue is not your [...]
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Lunar New Year Xbox S
The Year of the Tiger is almost here, and to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Xbox has released a brand-new, limited edition console. The new Lunar New Year Xbox Series S is unlike any other. With its red and gold coloring and traditional art all over the console and controller, [...]
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Google Assistant on phone
When using Google Assistant, most of us don’t even consider who the voice is coming from — after all, it’s artificial intelligence, not a real person. Our virtual assistants, be it Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant, are always at our beck and call, but we (for the most part) remain [...]
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illustration of asteroid in space
If you watched Don’t Look Up this Christmas, you might be one of many people wondering about how realistic the danger posited by the movie was. Could Earth really be struck by an asteroid? How would scientists react if they did spot an asteroid heading for us? To answer your [...]
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