Netflix reported its subscriber base grew to 222 million in 2021, missing projections, as it sees interest from newcomers waning compared to the previous Covid-19-induced surge. The world’s largest streaming video service said it added 18.2 million subscribers in total last year, which is about half the number that came onboard [...]
vr 21 januari 2022 - 20:13 - HDGuru.com -
Roku announced Thursday that it will soon premiere its first adult animated series as part of its original program offerings on the streaming media company’s ad-supported The Roku Channel. The series, called “Doomlands” is scheduled to make its debut on January 28th, and will draw viewers from Roku’s 56.4 million monthly [...]
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High-performance audio brand NAD Electronics introduced a Masters Series two-channel power amplifier featuring Purifi Eigentakt technology for reasonably priced audiophile-level sound. The NAD M23 Hybrid Digital stereo power amplifier ($3,499 suggested retail price) is available starting this month from authorized NAD dealers, the company said. The unit is said to build on [...]
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Hisense USA announced Wednesday that it is expanding its sales and marketing executive ranks with a list of seasoned industry veterans from the consumer electronics and major appliances industries. Hisense said that as the company continues to grow, “it has become crucial to continue to build ongoing relationships with Hisense customers [...]
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The battle for smart TV OS market dominance is likely to get a lot more competitive and crowded in 2022, before we start to see inevitable consolidation, according to market research firm Dataxis. The Dataxis market research firm suggested that the smart TV playing field is likely to remain cluttered with [...]
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Netflix was the top-ranked streaming video service in 2021, with 21% share of the U.S. subscription video on demand (SVoD) market, but market research firm GlobalData said the OTT giant is starting to see its growth slow down. The data indicates that Netflix may be starting to feel the impact of [...]
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More good news surfaced Thursday for those waiting for greater cable speeds and bandwidth to better facilitate 8K video streaming (among other things) and beyond. Comcast, the cable TV and media giant, said it has successfully tested a prototype 10G modem capable of delivering multigigabit speeds to tens of millions of [...]
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Last week’s 2022 Virtual CES marked a return of sorts as a physical trade show, but the lingering impact of COVID-19 variants kept many from attending in person, and thus, another challenge in determining HD Guru’s Best of CES 2022 Awards. The HD Guru team opted to join those who chose [...]
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One of the more interesting new technology announcements at CES 2022 was a new video processing solution from company Pixelworks to help directors adjust the way motion is presented across screens in all settings. The end-to-end motion processing solution, called TrueCut Motion, made its debut at CES 2022 as an announced [...]
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The launch of new compelling streaming platforms, more original content and pandemic sheltering has led to continued growth of subscription video on demand (SVOD) viewing, according to a report from Hub Entertainment Research. The study shows the number of TV sources used by each viewer Hub surveyed this year hit an [...]
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