Motorola China officially confirmed a new 200MP camera phone is launching in July. This is most likely the long-rumored Motorola Frontier smartphone which has rumors dating back to last year. The new teaser is touting the 200MP camera sensor as a “new benchmark for image experience”. Motorola 200MP camera phone teaser Based [...]
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Mediatek announced the Dimensity 1050 - its first chipset with mmWave 5G support. It will allow seamless connectivity through an easy switch between the Sub-6GHz and the mmWave standards. It is built by TSMC on a 6nm process, and the company promised devices with the chip as early as Q3 [...]
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The rumors were true as it turns out. Xiaomi has just informed us that it is in fact undertaking a strategic partnership with Leica, and the first imaging flagship smartphone jointly developed by the two companies will be launched in July this year. Since the rumor mill was right about [...]
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The Sony Xperia 1 IV's reign was short-lived and the Samsung Galaxy A53 has reclaimed the throne once more in week 20. The Galaxy S22 Ultra also gained a spot to claim second as the Redmi Note 11 returned to the final podium spot. Sony's new flagship is now fourth as [...]
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Another week down, let's recap. Infinix unveiled the Note 12 VIP and it can do 120W Hyper Charge. Infinix claims the 4,500mAh battery has a 0-100% time of just 17 minutes. Otherwise, the Note 12 VIP has a 108MP camera, and a 6.7-inch 120Hz display. The Infinix Note 12 VIP [...]
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Introduction PCs and monitors have enjoyed a resurgence in the past couple of years, thanks to people having to work from home. So it made sense that all-in-ones would also enjoy more attention. More and more manufacturers are giving the form factor attention - computers that package a display, keyboard, and [...]
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Pretty early on it was clear that when it comes to foldables, keeping the screen inside is preferable to leaving it out in the open. That was more by necessity, though, the early foldable screens were too fragile to leave them with no protection. Outward folding designs like the Huawei Mate [...]
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Introduction Poco has been in the smartphone game for a few years and has now set its eyes on building a larger ecosystem of products. We already reviewed the company’s first pair of wireless earbuds and now we turn out attention to the Poco Watch. A compact, lightweight device more akin to [...]
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This is the blight of the Sony fan – last week’s poll shows that 3 in 4 people want to buy the new flagship, the Xperia 1 IV, but only 1 in 4 actually have the money for it. The rest wish it was cheaper, but that might take a [...]
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Chinese display maker Beijing Oriental Electronics (BOE) struck a deal with Apple to supply OLED panels for the iPhone 14 series. However, South Korean publication The Elec reports that the company is yet to receive approval from Apple for the iPhone 14's displays, and it could actually lose the order [...]
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