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The US Space Force is gearing up to launch a research and development satellite on Thursday with the help of Rocket Lab. The company's Electron rocket is scheduled to launch from a site in New Zealand sometime between 2AM and 4AM ET (6PM-8PM local time) to take the Monolith satellite [...]
wo 28 juli 2021 - 17:34 - Engadget.com -
There's still half a year to go before you start seeing Google Play's new safety section, which will show you an Android app's privacy information, in listings within the store. Google announced the upcoming feature that's similar to the Apple App Store's nutrition labels back in May. In a new [...]
wo 28 juli 2021 - 17:00 - Engadget.com -
Twitter is the latest social media platform to experiment with new shopping features. The company is allowing a handful of brands to place a “Shop Module” at the top of their profiles that links to products their followers can buy. While it’s not the first time Twitter has tried out shopping [...]
wo 28 juli 2021 - 17:00 - Engadget.com -
The PlayStation 5 just crossed a significant milestone. Sony has revealed that it has sold 10 million PS5 consoles as of July 18th, eight months after the system's November 12th debut. The company considered that no mean feat between the pandemic and ongoing chip shortages that reportedly held sales back. [...]
wo 28 juli 2021 - 16:47 - Engadget.com -
The days of seeing Tesla stores in fancy malls and retail centers may be over, according to a report from Electrek. Sources tell the site that Tesla will instead focus on finding cheaper spaces, like parking lots and warehouses, that will house a remote fleet of cars. The company also [...]
wo 28 juli 2021 - 16:28 - Engadget.com -
The next time you open Uber Eats, you might see a new delivery option: a way to have flowers dropped off at your door swiftly with just a few taps. Uber has teamed up with flower industry stalwart FTD for its first nationwide florist partnership as part of its latest [...]
wo 28 juli 2021 - 16:10 - Engadget.com -
Lollapalooza is once again an in-person festival after a switch to a streaming-only gig in 2020, but that's not the only big change for fans. Hulu has become the exclusive streaming partner for Lollapalooza 2021, and will stream the Chicago event to on-demand subscribers between July 29th and August 1st [...]
wo 28 juli 2021 - 16:00 - Engadget.com -
Snapchat is updating its in-app map to help users keep track of places they’ve visited, and where they may want to go next. An update rolling out today adds a new “Places” section to the map, with educated sections for recommendations, locations you’ve visited and “favorites” to remember. The idea is [...]
wo 28 juli 2021 - 16:00 - Engadget.com -
Nuratrue hands-on.
Nura might be a relatively new name in headphones, but the personalized-audio specialist is already revealing its third model: the Nuratrue. As the name suggests, the latest member of the family is a true wireless set (and the company’s first model without a wired option). As you might expect, Nura’s [...]
wo 28 juli 2021 - 16:00 - Engadget.com -
Your archived WhatsApp chats will no longer resurrect themselves — unless you let them. The messaging giant is rolling out a settings change that will keep those conversation threads tucked away in the Archived Chats folder by default, even if someone sends a new message. You'll have to remove a [...]
wo 28 juli 2021 - 15:16 - Engadget.com -