The Walking Dead
Telltale Games, the studio behind episodic titles like The Walking Dead, Minecraft: Story Mode and Game of Thrones, has reportedly laid off a large number of employees. Amid some reports claiming the studio would be shutting down completely, The Verge says around 25 team members of the 250 will remain on [...]
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PlayStation Classic
Sony delivered a pleasant surprise for old school gaming fans this week, by announcing the PlayStation Classic console would be released before the end of the year. The miniaturised version of the PS1 console is already available to pre-order and will come with a total of 20 games built-in. However, many [...]
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Amid more Amazon announcements than anyone expected yesterday, a few little nuggets of information slipped into the background. Namely that Amazon Echo devices will gain the ability to make Skype calls later this year. Microsoft – the owner of Skype – says Echo users will be able to say “Alexa, call [...]
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9Samsung is making it harder for Galaxy Note 9 users to activate Bixby; at least in the accidental manner that has infuriated some owners of the flagship phablet. An update to the Note 9's software, rolling out today, will give users the option to require a double tap [...]
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When Apple launches new iPhones, people can't wait to tear them down. No, we're not talking about those Android loyalists hating on the new iOS devices, we're talking about people with actual tools, who literally take pleasure in dismantling the expensive new devices piece by piece. As tech fans and reporters, [...]
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Google is still allowing third-party developers to scan the content of user's Gmail accounts, who are in-turn permitted to share that data with other firms, it has emerged. The firm came under fire earlier this year for revealing third-party services like email clients, trip planners and customer relationship management could access [...]
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iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS MaxNew Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max deliveries and pick-ups have been delayed for some customers in the US, according to a number of reports. Some iPhone loyalists excited to wake up and fire-up the newest handsets on Friday morning are seeing UPS shipping estimates pushed to Monday. While [...]
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Android Pie OnePlus 6
Android 9 Pie is officially rolling out on the OnePlus 6, the company announced on Friday. The Oxygen OS 9 update delivers the latest version of Android, with a gradual over-the-air update for all users commencing right now. That means the brand new UI, new adaptive battery support, gesture-based navigation tools [...]
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How do you feel about Gmail's new Smart Reply tool? We're hearing mixed reports. On one hand it's super handy to be able to tap/click that “Thank you so much!” button when you're in a rush. However, users are reporting the suggestions aren't always on the money. People are seeing [...]
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Daily Deals
Trusted Reviews' Daily Deals: No mess, no fuss, here's the easiest way to find today's best deals throughout the world of tech. 1. Microsoft Surface Pro, i5, 8GB 2-in-1 Laptop This deal's an absolute stonker. In our review for the Microsoft Surface Pro, the device received a solid 4/5 score, with one [...]
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