A lot of mystery surrounds the pending arrival of Apple's streaming video service, but the man in charge has made one thing clear; there won't be anything in the way of live sports. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Apple executive Eddy Cue said there was “not a lot” of thought [...]
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iPod touch 6th generation
After dropping new iPad and iMac models this week without much fanfare, Apple might be refreshing another legacy product before the week is out. According to MacRumors, Apple will unveil the 7th-generation iPod touch on Wednesday March 20 with an equally low-profile press release. The site says it was tipped off [...]
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Firefox logo
Mozilla has announced Firefox 66 and the headline feature will see autoplaying media automatically blocked across the web. The update, which is available to download today, will prevent those annoying video or audio clips playing automatically within the browser window. Clips will still begin playing if the audio has already been muted [...]
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Google Stadia Jade Raymond
Google announced the Stadia gaming platform at GDC, but it isn't only relying on third-party developers to fill its cloud-based streaming service with top titles. In news that would have stolen the tech headlines on the majority of days, Google has announced it is creating its own game development studio to [...]
di 19 maart 2019 - 19:57 - -
It's finally official. After months of teasing, Google finally unveiled Stadia, its system for putting triple-A titles like Assassin's Creed Odyssey in your browser, even if your device doesn't have the raw grunt to power it. Google CEO Sundar Pichai described it as the “worst kept secret in the industry” which [...]
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Pixel 3 Deals
This time-limited Pixel 3 deal won't be around for long. Act fast and you can bag this sensational snapper for just £65 upfront and £24 a month. That's a fantastic price for anyone looking for the best smartphone camera going and only a smidge over what you would pay for a [...]
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Go Pro Hero 7 Black Deals
It's a sales bonanza over at Amazon today, and the retailer's scored another home run by discounting the fantastic GoPro Hero 7 Black to just £314 – down from £379.99. As a means of showing gratitude to its customers, everyone has the opportunity to save £5 on their Amazon order today [...]
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We know some key aspects of the next OnePlus flagship already, with various leaks and rumours currently doing the rounds online. Some of the reveals have even come from OnePlus itself. Make no mistake, this is a company with every confidence that its next product is going to be winner. [...]
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2014's New ‘N' Tasty from Just Add Water reintroduced the classic franchise to a new generation of gamers. A complete remake of 1997's Oddworld Abe's Oddysee, it more than proved that Lorne Lanning's original vision stood the test of time. Now, the studio is hard at work on its next [...]
di 19 maart 2019 - 16:45 - -
Apple's iMac line is getting a spruce up, and the company's all-in-one desktop machine is getting a serious performance bump. The new generation is adding an 8-core Intel 9th-gen processor, a first for the iMac, and the addition of Vega graphics. Apple describe the performance increase as “dramatic”, and say [...]
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