If you're a Tesla owner, you might have noticed an update this weekend that adds limited use of automatic emergency braking (AEB), a safety feature that was first announced some six months ago. That's because the electric car maker was pressured to start rolling out the feature after Consumer Reports [...]
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If there's one thing Apple has a great reputation for, it's servicing their devices and addressing product defects when they're under warranty. This should come as a relief to owners of the first-generation Apple Watch, as the company has just added an extra year to the smartwatch's warranty to cover [...]
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The PS4 Pro has barely been out for six months, so it's hard to imagine another new game console from Sony in the near future. However, if the release of the PS4 Pro itself, along with the upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio, has shown us anything, it's that Sony and Microsoft [...]
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While the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps might be common, everyday communication features on smartphones in the US, in developing countries around the world these apps can be a little resource-heavy for the less powerful devices used or in low data bandwidth conditions. To help address that situation — and [...]
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Sunday morning was the scheduled time for SpaceX‘s latest Falcon 9 launch, where it would carry out its first mission for the US military, but the rocket company was forced call a one-day delay at the last moment. The launch was due to take place at Cape Canaveral at 7:00 [...]
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It seems it's becoming a bit of a trend recently for certain movies with dystopian or western themes to get special edition cuts in monochrome. The most notable example is last year's Black and Chrome Edition of Mad Max: Fury Road, but now the recent hit Logan is getting the [...]
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Windows 10 users in Microsoft's Insider program are used to testing out the operating system's newest updates via test builds, and the latest includes a feature that was missing from the recent Creators Update. Called My People, the feature acts as a shortcut to users' most frequent contacts, allowing quick [...]
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The upcoming fifth season of the show Orange is the New Black isn't due to premiere on Netflix until June 9th, but most of the episodes have already been leaked online. A hacker by the name of “TheDarkOverlord” has taken responsibility for the leak, claiming to have stolen the episodes [...]
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Some Android users may remember an unexpected source for free apps for their mobile platform turning up in 2015: Amazon. The internet shopping giant launched Underground, a marketplace for games and apps that were available for “actually free.” Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, as Amazon has [...]
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It came as a surprise and disappointment to many around the world to learn earlier this month that Nintendo was discontinuing production of the NES Classic, especially when demand for it was still so high. However, Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime has forward this week to explain [...]
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