There might be an overabundance of connected appliances these days but not all of them speak the same language. For that, you would need a gateway that would act as a hub and translator for the myriad connected products you may have at home. Although its name doesn't always come [...]
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Being the Mobile World Congress, it's only natural to see so many smartphone and accessory makers show off their stuff that week. Most of the time, however, they try to steer clear of each other to maximize their time on stage. But whether it's by accident, intention, or fate, it [...]
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Messaging app Telegram, which has grown in popularity as consumers seek more privacy-centric alternatives to texting and Messenger, has receive a major update across multiple platforms. Once updated to version 5.2, Telegram users will be given five seconds to ‘undo' chat or history deletion. The update brings a number of [...]
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It's really no surprise that Samsung's next flagship would have already been leaked to death by now. In addition to being the next big thing for the world's biggest smartphone maker, the Galaxy S10 trio (or quartet) is also expected to come with some of the biggest changes ever in [...]
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The newest SwiftKey Beta update arrived today, bringing with it one simple, important change: automatic incognito switching. The new feature is designed to simplify switching from regular to incognito browsing modes by automatically toggling the keyboard when the user is typing in a sensitive field. When in incognito mode, the [...]
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If there's one thing that hasn't changed in decades, from “dumb” feature phones to smartphones, is that carriers always try to lock customers into their service. In addition to contracts, carriers also tend to lock their phones so you can't use any other network's SIM on them within that period. [...]
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Fitbit has quietly launched a pair of fitness trackers called the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR. Both models are made available through Fitbit Health Solutions for corporate customers who want to provide them to their employees as part of a wellness program. Both models offer fitness tracking capabilities, including heart [...]
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Nestlé has announced specific plans that will help it meet its previously stated goal of using 100-percent reusable and/or recyclable packaging by 2025. Among the first changes will be the phasing out of plastic straws from its products, a process that will begin starting next month. Instead of plastic straws, [...]
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There are plenty of multi-room audio options out there, but few have the reputation that Sonos does, which is why a Super Bowl season deal on some of its best connected speakers is worth paying attention to. Sonos kit is rarely on sale, and you have until February 3 – [...]
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Coinme, a company that offers bitcoin ATMs, has teamed up with Coinstar to make it easier to get your hands on the digital currency. Under the new partnership, Coinstar machines will allow users to swap their cash for bitcoin, bringing the cryptocurrency to one's local grocery store or convenience shop. [...]
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