Up until now, we've only heard reports of Sony closing up shops in Southeast Asia and the Middle East to name a few markets. Traditionally, Sony has been pretty quiet about its mobile presence in regional markets and it seemed its secrecy will continue now that the business has been [...]
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Web browsers have become bigger than ever in more ways than one. Yes, they have become practically central to the way we use computers but they've also become more complex as they gain new features. Web pages, too, have become more complex and browsers have to adjust to support them. [...]
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First it was dual cameras. Then it was bokehs, a.k.a. portrait mode. These days, it seems that the battle over smartphone cameras is moving over to higher level of optical zoom that won't force OEMs to bulk up their phones. Huawei has done it and so has OPPO so it's [...]
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Huawei is having a pretty bittersweet month. It just launched the Huawei P30 series last month but now faces a crisis thanks to a US ban that has at least been temporarily suspended. It's sub-brand Honor launched its own 2019 flagship against that backdrop and the Honor 20 Pro just [...]
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Thanks in part to Apple pushing its AirPods onto the smartphone market, the in-ear Bluetooth earbuds industry has gotten some attention and improvements. From truly wireless designs to touch-sensitive surface, these audio accessories have greatly improved in all but one aspect: battery life. Considering their size and the technology they [...]
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Apple has announced a new Backlight Service Program for the 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro model. The program addresses the ‘very small percentage' of MacBook Pro laptops that experience one of two display issues: complete backlight loss or intermittent/continuous vertical bright spots across the bottom of the display. Laptops covered by [...]
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Lyft has started rolling out an updated app that adds new safety features designed for riders. Most notable in the update is a new in-app panic button that gives riders the ability to directly call 911 from within the Lyft app. As well, the company will make it easier to [...]
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The next major Windows 10 update has been released, Microsoft announced on Tuesday. Users can download the Windows 10 May 2019 update starting today, though Microsoft cautions that it is taking a ‘measured and throttled approach' to the release. Users who want the update as soon as possible can manually [...]
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Starting next month, Google will require advertisers to certify whether they provide abortions before they can run advertisements related to the medical procedure. The new Google Ads policy targets misleading advertisements directing women in need of an abortion to anti-abortion groups. Advertisers that don't actually provide abortions will have their [...]
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Today we're going to run down the effective Huawei ban list, the basics in China-based spy fears, and the fallout. This has a little to do with ZTE, a lot to do with China's government, and what might be the worst bout of luck a company ever had (with regard [...]
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