Amazon Prime Video will start offering HDR10+ content tomorrow, making it available to anyone who has a television that supports the standard. This follows the announcement we reported on this past April, one that involved a collaboration between Samsung and Amazon to bring about the HDR10+ standard. In case you [...]
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YouTube's live television service has expanded into an additional 34 markets, bringing streaming access to a bunch of cities like Fresno, CA and New Orleans. As with the markets that already had access, people in these new markets can get access to live TV channels over the Internet by subscribing [...]
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As revealed last week, today is the day that Overwatch‘s Winter Wonderland event goes live. Though this event for 2017 shares its name with the same event from last year, there will be fair amount of new content for fans to unlock and play. Of course, all of the old [...]
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Cat has announced an update to its S30 rugged smartphone: the S31. This model tweaks the popular ultra-durable handset, building upon elements that are important to consumers including battery capabilities. The phone targets adventurers are much as its does construction workers and others who work in dangerous environments. The phone [...]
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This week we're having a peek at what the Samsung Galaxy S9 may well bring to the smartphone universe in 2018. One item we're almost certain will be onboard is the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, and with it, the swiftest charging solution ever released for a smartphone battery. That is [...]
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For as long as Twitter has existed, users have been circumventing its 140 character limit (which, as of last month, is now 280). One way most people do this is through the tweet storm – instead of boiling down opinions, news, or arguments into a single tweet, users will instead [...]
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A chunk of amber dating back about 99 million years has been found containing perfectly preserved ticks, shedding light on how these tiny pests evolved and what similarities they shared with their modern-day counterparts. One particular tick found within the amber has caught researchers' attention: it is young and shown [...]
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I bet you'd rather have something for free than have to dish out a rather large pile of cash to get a new phone. I've been on a two-year cycle for the past 7 years or so, and before that I had a non-smart phone – and I had that [...]
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Hulu is launching a bunch of new features for Live TV subscribers today. All of these features are launching in beta – which means you'll have to visit Hulu‘s beta site to take them for a spin – but we have a feeling that most Live TV subscribers will want [...]
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Discovery is becoming an increasingly large part of social media. After all, if you can easily follow topics you're interested in, you're not only more likely to stay on a site like Facebook or Instagram, but you're also more likely to come back. It shouldn't come as much of a [...]
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