TiVo has quietly rolled out a new test that has some of its DVR customers raging. Users recently started noticing the arrival of advertisements that play before a recorded video, one that changes each time the video is loaded. Questions about these unusual ads prompted a forum post on TiVo's [...]
za 21 september 2019 - 2:43 - -
During its X Summit in Tokyo today, camera company Fujifilm took the wraps off its upcoming X-Pro3, a new rangefinder that will feature a retro design that hides the rear LCD, replacing it with a small screen similar to the ones found on older film cameras. In addition to the [...]
za 21 september 2019 - 1:46 - -
Mojang has released Minecraft Beta for Android, Xbox One, and Windows 10. As with past beta releases, the latest version brings new features not yet available in the regular versions of the game, the most notable addition being Minecraft Character Creator. With this tool, players can personalize their game [...]
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In August 2018, Boeing was awarded an $805 million contract from the U.S. Navy for the development of an ‘unmanned aerial refueler.' The resulting MQ-25 autonomous refueler drone has successfully completed its first test flight, according to Boeing, which plans to produce four of these aircraft for the U.S. Navy. [...]
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The European Space Agency has published a new image showing a ‘slice' of Mars, one that ranges from the planet's white cloud-covered north pole down through a band of pocked orange landscape to dark blue southern terrain. The image results from observations made by the ESA's Mars Express spacecraft, offering [...]
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FOX Sports is about to give its Thursday Night Football broadcasts a huge quality boost, offering them in 4K Ultra HD resolution for the first time starting with the upcoming football season. The broadcasts will offer improved quality over the Full HD broadcasts, bringing the option to fans who have [...]
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Yesterday, Sony announced its plans to host another State of Play presentation next week. For the uninitiated, State of Play is essentially Sony's answer to the Nintendo Direct – a livestreamed broadcast that covers new and upcoming games for the PlayStation 4. As per usual, Sony was tight-lipped about what [...]
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Today the folks at iFixit picked up an iPhone 11 Pro in Midnight Green and took it took the teardown bench. Inside this piece of hardware we'll be interested to see how Apple's decided to handle the various new technologies – and re-arrangements of technologies – for the next generation [...]
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There's been so much news about Apple lately that one new feature in iOS 13 may have been overlooked by the larger Apple user base. With the new operating system comes new functionality for a wider range of Bluetooth controllers. This is Apple making good on a promise it made [...]
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As anticipated, the FDA has proposed a new rule detailing the steps tobacco companies will be required to take in order to sell electronic cigarettes and similar vaping products. The FDA will evaluate applications for marketing approval across a variety of categories, including the product's potential impact on public health. [...]
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