8BitDo is famous for its wide range of Bluetooth game controllers sporting various designs. But what if you already have an old, beloved controller lying around just begging for a second chance at being useful again in today's modern, wireless gaming market? Fortunately, 8BitDo knows your controller's pain and dreams [...]
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OnePlus has been challenging the status quo and the big players when it came to offering flagship specs for less. And while it has mostly delivered on its promise, the one thing it hasn't exactly been good at was with the cameras. Naturally, it would boast about improved photography prowess, [...]
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Instagram is working on a new two-step verification option that will help protect users from SIM hackers, according to a new report. The platform's existing verification system works by sending a code to the user's phone via an SMS, but the upcoming system will rely on an authentication app like [...]
wo 18 juli 2018 - 3:12 - -
Walmart may launch its own video streaming service to take on major competitors, including Netflix and Amazon Prime, according to a new report. The company hasn't finalized its decision to proceed, the sources say, but this would give it a new avenue of competition with Amazon. The report follows a [...]
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It has been a couple years since we last heard anything interesting about dwarf planet Ceres' mysterious bright spots. First spied in early 2015 as tiny specks of bright light, NASA published progressively larger images of these bright specks over many months, each giving us a slightly better glimpse of [...]
wo 18 juli 2018 - 1:16 - -
The days of 3G are nearing their end. Verizon has confirmed that it will no longer activate 3G-only phones, meaning new customers or those in need of an upgrade will need to purchase a handset with 4G support. This shouldn't come as a surprise — the carrier has been saying [...]
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Today we're taking a brief, momentary, tiny peek at a couple of lists that show how Google and Amazon own our daily lives. When I say “daily lives” I don't mean Google and Amazon own our bodies and control our actions and have all of our personal information stored safely [...]
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Walmart and Microsoft have struck a new partnership and they're very clear about why: to take on Amazon. The two companies announced a five-year deal today, one that revolves around Microsoft's artificial intelligence technologies and the ways they can help Walmart retail stores. This follows a recent report claiming that [...]
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We've known about No Man's Sky‘s big incoming update, dubbed Next, for several months, but we're quickly closing in on its release date. The update is due to be released on July 24, alongside the Xbox One version of the game. Though there have been a couple of trailers previewing [...]
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Researchers have developed a new type of electronic sticker that can be placed onto a surface and later peeled off, opening the door for rapid deployment and multiple new applications. One given example is the use of a drone featuring a thin gas-sensing electronic sticker, adding a new element of [...]
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