People instinctively know how to work together when it comes time to lift something that takes two people. People coordinate their motions and work to be sure that each side of whatever is being carried is at the same height. While tasks like that are natural for a human, for [...]
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It's almost old news by now. The US government, courtesy of an executive order from President Donald Trump, has blacklisted Huawei from buying from or selling to US companies. That has caused Google, Qualcomm, and ARM to withdraw support from the Chinese manufacturer, three companies that have a mutually beneficial [...]
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It's been quite a while since Acer updated its Nitro 5 gaming laptop and its Swift 3 thin-and-light notebook but now that it is, it's making quite a bit change. Granted, these two new models aren't exactly the first of their kind to be powered by AMD's mobile Ryzen processors. [...]
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HTC, LG, and Sony are three companies from three different countries that have two things in common. All three's mobile businesses have been bleeding for years and none of them are ready to give up the fight just yet. But while HTC and LG seem to just be going through [...]
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There are only a few Android tablets left in the market and even fewer companies making them. Aside from Samsung, Amazon is probably the next biggest maker of Android tablets and it isn't even making premium ones. Its Fire tablets have a completely different purpose and Walmart is taking a [...]
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It's full steam ahead for the PC-based retro revival that is the Atari VCS, presuming there will no longer be any delays that push it back further than its new late 2019 target. But while Atari has talked a lot about what the console itself will be like, it has [...]
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TVs are no longer what they were just a few years ago. Never mind how some have become so thin that they almost disappear into walls, they've also become so intelligent they could become the hub of modern smart homes. Many of them, however, can't do it alone and require [...]
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Nintendo has a bit of a dilemma when it comes to its mobile games. After years of denying its profitability, it has finally accepted reality, especially when Fire Emblem Heroes net it half a billion in revenue. That was, however, thanks to microtransactions that it loathed to use initially, as [...]
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Benchmarks are great for starting a discussion as those usually have set rules and guidelines that can make comparisons a bit more consistent and standardized. They aren't, however, great for gauging real-world performance, which can vary wildly depending on unpredictable factors and, sometimes, personal preference. That seems to be the [...]
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Questions remain over Epic's dragon plans for battle royale hit Fortnite. The company heavily teased the presence of these large, mythical beasts during Season 8, including the presence of dragon eggs in the volcano and a final Battle Pass skin with dragon themes. The end of Season 8 arrived without [...]
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