Lamborghini has revealed its latest supercar one-off this week, but it's a different beast than their usual creations. The SC18 is the first one-off from Squadra Corse, Lamborghini's motorsport division, meaning it was built by some of the Italian carmaker's top designers, engineers, and racing experts all to meet the [...]
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The annual Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest is taking place in Las Vegas this weekend, and developer Square Enix used the event to surprise attendees with a big announcement: the MMO game will getting its third major expansion in summer 2019, titled Shadowbringers. Naoki Yoshida, FF14‘s producer and director, was there [...]
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Google has shown that with each generation of its own Pixel line of smartphones, it's willing to bring a handful of new improvements to previous models. Examples include some of the software-powered camera features from this year's Pixel 3 making their way to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. [...]
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As 2019 quickly approaches, smartphone enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting what will no doubt be the next big Android flagship: Samsung's Galaxy S10. While we await the expected reveal sometime in February or March, rumors and details on the device continue to leak, including specs, sizes, and an all-new design. For [...]
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2018 is perhaps one of Huawei's most exciting years yet. Almost like the script for a Hollywood blockbuster, the year began with a tragedy that seemed like a death sentence for the protagonist. It left its hero in a period of limbo, its future uncertain. But like the true star [...]
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Xiaomi has launched new products in the US as Walmart exclusives, among them being the new Xiaomi Mi Laser 150-inch Android TV projector. The model is quite pricey for a Walmart offering, not to mention one limited to a 1920 x 1080 resolution, at $1,999.99 USD. The Mi Laser features [...]
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NASA has detailed how its team will know when the InSight lander touches down on the Red Planet. The process was recently explained by scientists with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which has been tasked with managing the mission for the space agency's Science Mission Directorate. Assuming everything goes according to [...]
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Instagram has launched new features for the holiday season, including the ability to save a shopping collection, shop for goods through business profiles, and shop from feed videos. This is the latest expansion to Instagram's Shopping platform, which brings e-commerce to the traditionally photo-centric platform. The first of the new [...]
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Microsoft has unveiled a fun new app that utilizes its machine learning technology to judge facial expressions imitating emoji. The Emoji8 tool is a sample UWP application, according to Microsoft, that uses a device's webcam to monitor users imitating randomly selected emoji expressions. Emoji8 is provided both through the Windows [...]
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NASA plans to livestream Northrop Grumman's Cygnus cargo capsule launch early tomorrow morning. The launch is scheduled to take place from Virginia at around 4AM on Saturday and NASA is already prepared to broadcast it to the world. Anyone will be able to stream the live launch broadcast through NASA's [...]
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