Avis Budget Group has announced a new partnership with Alphabet's Waymo, saying that it will maintain and support the latter company's self-driving car fleet. The maintenance/support offered under this partnership will take place at Avis's various rental locations, enabling Waymo to keep its vehicles maintained and ready for use in [...]
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As it stands, it's a little difficult to watch a YouTube video with friends if you aren't all in the same room. Uptime, an app from Google incubator Area 120, looks to solve this exact problem, but before today, there's a solid chance you'd never heard of it. What was [...]
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This week the user known as deletescape has released his first Rootless Pixel Launcher. This launcher is very similar to some other recently released launchers – such as the launcher literally called “Rootless Pixel Launcher” – but this one's got some unique features. As the developer, also known as Till [...]
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Users that've downloaded the app “Magic Browser” at any point in the past should delete the app immediately. This app has been found to contain malware of a simple sort – but terrible nonetheless. This app's malware is especially dangerous not because of what it can do to an average [...]
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This week the folks at Nokia have revealed their plans to release the Nokia 6 in the United States. This device runs Android and is the first device in what's expected to be along line of similar devices from the brand. These devices – including the Nokia 6 – will [...]
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Crossovers and SUVs continue to be the stars of the auto industry, at least when it comes to sales, so there's plenty riding on the 2018 BMW X3. Now in its third generation, BMW‘s midsize SUV promises more luxury, more technology, and – for the first time in the X3 [...]
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Following up on the immense success of the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo has announced the SNES Classic Edition. This announcement probably isn't going to shock too many people, considering that how many consumers were clamoring to get an NES Classic during its retail availability. With Nintendo now giving the same [...]
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Amazon's Echo has grown from a voice-controlled curiosity to being a legitimate home assistant, and now, with Echo Show, it's gaining a display. The latest iteration in the smart speaker series bucks the trend of spoken interactions only, adding a touchscreen so that Alexa can show & tell. At $229.99, [...]
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The Galaxy S8+ is a pretty solid device when it comes to hardware and features, but in terms of color, we've got some pretty standard options. Despite the fancy names Samsung has come up for these colors, our choices essentially amount to black, gray, and silver here in the US. [...]
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Raid Battles have begun in Pokemon GO and the whole in-game universe has begun to wonder when it'll be their turn to take a shot. As of this weekend, Niantic began rolling out the RAID Battle update to all players. This does not mean that every single player got the [...]
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