Samsung's DeX system is getting an upgrade, with the new Samsung DeX Pad launching alongside the Galaxy S9 and turning the Android phone into a PC replacement. The new docking station introduces a complete physical redesign over its predecessor, making the whole system a lot more flexible in the process. [...]
zo 25 februari 2018 - 18:00 - -
It's no understatement to say that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the most important Android phones of the year. Sure, Google's Pixel might inspire more enthusiast excitement and, contrary to speculation, the S9 won't debut Samsung's first in-display fingerprint scanner but, when it comes to handset sales, the [...]
zo 25 februari 2018 - 18:00 - -
The Nokia 8 Sirocco isn't coming to the United States, but you may well wish it was. This device has an uncommon collection of specifications to it – one we're not used to rolling with here in the United States. It begins with a 5.5-inch edge-to-edge curved pOLED 2K resolution [...]
zo 25 februari 2018 - 17:00 - -
This week the folks at Nokia revealed the Nokia 7 Plus, a “flagship hero for everyone.” This device has Android One, basically closest thing you're going to get to a Nexus smartphone that exists in this crazy messed up world here in 2018. This device has a 6-inch IPS LCD [...]
zo 25 februari 2018 - 16:45 - -
With Nokia 1, the company's brought back some features that worked well with Windows Phone devices of yore. Here, though, they're rolling with Android. The Nokia 1 brings a “familiar design” to the present in what Nokia describes as “our most affordable package yet.” This is an Android GO device, [...]
zo 25 februari 2018 - 16:41 - -
In the Nokia 6 is a new smartphone with a design that's already on the books. “Built on the well loved design of its predecessor,” is what Nokia says about the “New Nokia 6.” This smartphone has a 5.5-inch full HD (1080p) display with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 inside. This [...]
zo 25 februari 2018 - 16:39 - -
The Nokia 8110 4G is something like the Nokia 3310 – in part because it's retro. It's also part of the Nokia Originals collection of phones for international markets. This is the 1990's banana phone for the next generation. You might remember the original from The Matrix – or in [...]
zo 25 februari 2018 - 16:37 - -
Rumors about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S have been circulating for a while now, but it appears the real deal is almost here. While the impressive Mi Mix 2 (pictured above) was only released last fall, it seems the Chinese phone maker is ready to release a successor, albeit with [...]
zo 25 februari 2018 - 16:15 - -
For all the praise surrounding last year's OnePlus 5 and the newer OnePlus 5T, the phones have been missing one important feature, a surprise considering how they're billed as alternate Android flagships: the ability to stream HD video content from a number of sources, namely Netflix. Fortunately, OnePlus has just [...]
zo 25 februari 2018 - 15:17 - -
Huawei has brought a pair of Android tablets to Mobile World Congress, the new MediaPad M5 in 8.4-inch and 10.8-inch sizes, as it pushes back against the iPad Pro. While tablet sales in general may be struggling, Huawei insists that they're still a big growth area: indeed, it claims to [...]
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