In mid-August, some Twitter users noticed that they were able to follow curated topics using the company's mobile app. The new feature was part of a test that helped users fill their feeds with the content they're interested in, though most users didn't have access to it. That has finally [...]
wo 13 november 2019 - 2:22 - -
A new Fortnite survival strategy has gone viral and some players are frustrated about it. The method involves the Flopper, which is an in-game orange fish that can be found in the game's lakes and used to regain some health. A new video highlights how the Flopper can be used [...]
wo 13 november 2019 - 1:20 - -
The fabled 16-inch MacBook Pro model will launch in the very near future, according to a new leak, which largely reiterates the features we've previously heard about the model. Consumers can, various sources have claimed, expect a new and improved keyboard with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which the new report [...]
wo 13 november 2019 - 0:32 - -
Certain specific dietary habits have been linked to an increased risk of suffering from depression in middle age, according to a new study. It's no secret that poor diet has a big impact on the body, including one's gut bacteria, which paves the way for a variety of physical and [...]
di 12 november 2019 - 23:47 - -
Pokemon Sword and Shield are right around the corner and the discussion about these games in the lead up to release is, frankly, all over the place. There are a lot of angry Pokemon fans out there at the moment, as a large number of leaks have supposedly revealed a [...]
di 12 november 2019 - 23:23 - -
The US government must have “reasonable suspicion of digital contraband” before it can search travelers' phones, laptops, and other electronics, according to a new ruling by a federal court. The decision marks a significant step in data privacy for international travelers, and comes after widespread criticism of CBP and ICE [...]
di 12 november 2019 - 22:49 - -
Nearly one year ago, music streaming service Pandora launched podcasts on its platform, but they were only available through its mobile apps. That has finally changed with the arrival of podcasts on its desktop app for Windows and Mac, as well as the website. With this change, users can [...]
di 12 november 2019 - 22:42 - -
Transformers is a toy line that's never really dull. I remember getting Transformers toys for gifts for Christmas and birthdays when I was a kid, and even when (90% of the time) I did not know the character in the box, I was thrilled to get another one of these [...]
di 12 november 2019 - 21:50 - -
Over the past couple of weeks, Facebook users on iOS have reported a concerning issue: the company's mobile app triggering the iPhone's rear camera, which was noticed operating in the background. Multiple users have been able to replicate this phenomenon, spurring privacy concerns and raising questions over the cause of [...]
di 12 november 2019 - 21:50 - -
A variety of Pokemon already in Pokemon GO will get Galarian Forms some time after the launch of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Today we're taking a peek at what's known and expanding on what's already in the game Pokemon GO to make some next-level analysis a reality! We can [...]
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