Unless you've been completely shut off from the outside world, you probably know that the Apple iPhone 11, Apple iPhone 11 Pro and the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max were released today. Now since most people pre-order the device online, the days of incredibly long lines wrapping around Apple Stores [...]
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Sony has pretty much hit rock bottom in the smartphone market, selling under a million units worldwide between April and June 2019 and forecasting global shipments of around four million handsets for the current fiscal year set to end in March 2020. But if there's one thing the company can [...]
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Movado is one of only a handful of brands not licensed by Fossil to stick with the Wear OS platform, unveiling today its second ever collection of smartwatches and first since Android Wear changed its name. The aptly titled Movado Connect 2.0 family consists of no less than 15 different [...]
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Just in time for the grand iPhone 11 day, Apple unveiled its completely overhauled legendary store at Fifth Avenue. The flagship place, known as the New York landmark the Cube, has kept its glass walls, but doubled the interior space, introduced high ceilings with more natural light, and is now [...]
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Just in case you weren't pumped up for that big OnePlus announcement next week, the company is ready to reveal yet another new feature and major selling point of its latest T-branded flagship device. While the full spec sheets of both the 7T and 7T Pro have been leaked precisely [...]
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On the quest to achieve the highest uninterrupted screen-to-body ratio we've already had our fair share of crazy ideas like wide notches – sorry, Apple – narrow notches, moved to V-shaped and dewdrop ones, did sliders, pop-up or flip cameras, shark fins, display holes and whatnot.How about a dual pop-up [...]
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The new iPhone 11 comes in six colors and they look different than what we had on last year's iPhone XR.First, there are a few new colors: the purple iPhone 11 replaces the blue shade that we had on the XR, and the green one replaces the coral model from [...]
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You don't have to browse the web for too long before a barrage of anti-Apple comments might flood your screen like a torrential autumn rain. Many of these would certainly be directed towards the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the two new premium flagships that, you see, [...]
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T-Mobile might occasionally seem like an all-talk-and-no-action type of carrier, but when taking a break from savagely mocking its rivals, Magenta has a habit of offering the best freebies as part of its weekly customer appreciation program, as well as great phones at unbeatable prices, and of course, great plans [...]
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As the new iPhones have landed on store shelves, Apple has made the iOS 13 update official and you can get it right now. We did check out the beta for the new software, but now it's time to make a final run-through the new features, see what's up and [...]
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