Apple released a number of videos today to show you how to use certain features on the Apple Watch Series 4. This happens to coincide with the launch today of the latest version of Apple's popular smartwatch. The videos will show you how to measure your heart rate using the [...]
za 22 september 2018 - 0:20 - -
Instagram has just announced that a long overdue feature is now available for everyone using its app – the option to send GIFs in direct messages. GIFs like “LOL” or “I love you” can now be messaged between friends whenever they need to express themselves visually.To use the feature, simply [...]
vr 21 september 2018 - 23:59 - -
The unlocked version of LG G6+ has been selling in the United States through Amazon for a long time now. Its priced dropped from almost $700 to just $500 after less than a year, but for a limited time, customers can score a slightly better deal on LG's flagship.Amazon is [...]
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A bug that affected Twitter uses from May 2017 to September 10th of 2018 could have resulted in certain Direct Messages or protected tweets getting sent to developers who were not part of the conversation. The bug was found in Twitter's Account Activity API (AAAPI), which is used by companies [...]
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Samsung launched a pair of wireless earbuds last year, but the Gear IconX (2018) haven't been heavily discounted since their market release. Every now and then customers can get them for a bit less than $150, but the price of the earbuds never dropped below the $100 mark.The most recent [...]
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Google Photos is getting new features all the time, although some of them aren't available to everyone at first. For example, Google confirmed it will bring Color Pop effects to Google Photos users, but the feature was only made available to select users.The good news is Google has started to [...]
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Google announced that its new Pixel phones will be revealed on October 9, but those might not be the only products the search giant plans to introduce next month. In fact, it's a matter of when not if Google will launch another Pixel series device.Of course, we're talking about the [...]
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Want to save $800 on an Apple iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max without trading in an older handset or buying a second device? U.S. Cellular lets you do that in certain conditions, the first being that you need to port in a number and ditch your current carrier. Once [...]
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If you're a serious app developer you want to provide support for the latest devices before or on the day they launch on the market. Audible has just released a new update for its iOS app, which brings support for Apple Watch Series 4.Thanks to the new feature, users will [...]
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If you have an unused BlackBerry handset squirreled away somewhere, you can actually trade it in for two sausages from a Canadian butcher shop. One of the owners of the Fore Quarter Butcher Shop in Kitchener, Colby Lemoine, has a vision of lining the walls of his store with older [...]
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