We are still a bit under three months away from the introduction of the 10th anniversary iPhone model that has been dubbed the Apple iPhone 8. And while it would appear that Apple is still trying to decide where the heck to put the Touch ID button on the premium [...]
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Remember how Skype went down this month for a few hours and kept unstable for days? Hundreds of businesses' productivity crumbled. People couldn't reach their friends and relatives. Yep, wasn't a good time! But such things can happen to anyone – even Microsoft, who has been running Skype ever since [...]
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With iOS 11 developer Beta 2 underway, coders around the globe are ever so excited to get down to building software that utilizes an array of new features that were announced at the WWDC 2017. Developer account holders have had only about three weeks to come up with iOS 11 [...]
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If you were one of the many people impressed by the Sega Forever initiative, which aims to release several of the company's classic games to smartphones, and you decided to try out a title or two, you may have noticed a slight problem: the games don't exactly run well, even [...]
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Samsung has managed to sell over 1.3 million units of its 2017 flagship duo on home ground. Media outlet The Investor reports that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ have broken all sales records in South Korea.It is estimated that between 11,000 to 12,000 units of the two models are sold [...]
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There's a new Galaxy Note 8 leak on the block, and this one's pretty saucy.A purported promotional poster of Samsung's upcoming handset has been unearthed, giving us a sneak peek at the possible final design of the Note 8. There are dual cameras at the back, which falls in line [...]
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Gravity – it is a funny thing, isn't it? While it's great at making life possible and keeping the universe together, it is also known for its ability to turn smartphone screens into sea salt. Thankfully, there's a protective case for pretty much every smartphone in existence, and today we're [...]
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Hey, folks! It's Monday, which means it's that time again — time to dig through the App Store and Play Store and find some well-put-together apps!This week around, Microsoft's Face Swap makes the jump to iOS, we have the awesome new Holo app, a sticker maker that works with your [...]
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Ever heard of Chris Lacy? If you've ever used popular Android launcher Action Launcher, then you likely know that Chris Lacy is the sole developer of the app and is doing an excellent job at keeping its creation up-to-date with the latest software developments of Android. But Action Launcher is [...]
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