T-Mobile doesn't want its subscribers to be cold this winter. So as part of this coming Tuesday's weekly giveaways to its customers, the carrier has two different hats that it is giving away (see image at the top of this article). Both feature the T-Mobile insignia, and have the color [...]
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Micro-blogging and social networking site Tumblr has temporarily disappeared from the Apple App Store. On Tumblr's website Friday, the company posted about issues that users were having with the app, stating that it hopes to have it functional again soon. An update added today says that the company is still [...]
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Last month, we showed you a hands on photo that claimed to show the back of the unannounced Nokia 9 PureView, and its rumored penta-camera setup. Today, Slashleaks posted renders of a silicone case believed to be designed for the phone, and the back includes cut outs for the five [...]
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When the 4.3-inch HTC HD2 launched back in 2009, many said that the smartphone display could not get any bigger. But just a couple of years later, the Samsung Galaxy Note broke the 5-inch barrier with its 5.3-inch screen. Now, we have the Galaxy Note 9 carrying a 6.4-inch display [...]
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Yesterday, MacRumors noted that new Sport and Sport Loop bands for the Apple Watch (Series 4 and older models) are now available from Nike's own online store. While these have been designed for the Apple Watch Nike+ series, the accessories can be used on all of Apple's timepieces. They are [...]
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The HTC U12+Over the years, as its smartphone business has continued to shrink, HTC has gradually switched its focus towards more premium devices in the hope of securing profits. But with the HTC U12+ performing pretty poorly, it looks as though the company could soon switch up its strategy.According to [...]
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YouTube has added a number of feature films to its inventory that can be streamed for free. But before you tap on the iconic red and white icon, you might have to brace yourself for the experience of having ads interrupt the flow of a movie, especially if you are [...]
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Just the other day we told you about Yahoo's new WakingNews Alarm Clock app that wakes you up with the sound of the morning's headlines. You can pick from a variety of sources, and there are also traditional sounds to choose from just in case news headlines are too jarring. [...]
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Pictured: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S2Not long after announcing the brand new Galaxy Watch, Samsung permanently slashed the prices of the Gear S3 and Gear Sport on its official online store. At $299.99 and $279.99 respectively, the Gear S3 and Sport respectively aren't bad deals from Samsung's tore, [...]
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The OnePlus 6T might be a gradual update over the OnePlus 6 as both phones share a similar design, but there are two key areas where the 6T innovates that are worth your attention: the first is the in-screen fingerprint scanner and the second is quite simply a bigger battery. [...]
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