A tough year is ahead for Samsung's business of supplying smartphone manufacturers with components. That's the word from Samsung Chief Executive Kim Ki-nam, who made the comments Wednesday morning in South Korea (due to the time difference, it still is Tuesday here in the U.S.) during the company's annual stockholders' [...]
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Google let Inbox users know quite a while ago that it would be shutting down the app in March 2019 and Google has continually promised that users' favorite Inbox features would be integrated into Gmail before anyone was forced to leave Inbox. Now, Google has put a specific date on [...]
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AirPower charging mat and AirPods wireless charging caseMonday was for iPads. Tuesday was for iMacs. Tomorrow might be for iPods. And Thursday and Friday could be for AirPower and the AirPods wireless charging case. That's what one source is suggesting, anyway. iPod Touch, AirPower, AirPods wireless charging caseAccording to Max [...]
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A slip by Amazon has revealed the actual launch date for the Huawei P30 Pro. The online retailer accidentally posted a listing for the phone, which has now been taken down, and it showed a release date of April 5th. The device will be unveiled along with the Huawei P30 [...]
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Now that Apple has introduced the new iPad Air (2019) and iPad Mini (2019), we won't see the company unveil the tablets at its March 25th press event. What we could see is the sequel to the AirPods Bluetooth wireless earphones, information on Apple's streaming video service, an actual launch [...]
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If you're not a tech-savvy, chances are you've never heard of Vivo, the number two smartphone vendor in China. However, if you're Marvel universe fan, the name might sound familiar since both Captain America and Iron Man have used Vivo phones in the Captain America: Civil War movie.Currently, Vivo officially [...]
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Remember when Angry Birds was the most popular mobile game around? Many of you who played religiously ended up moving on to more graphically complex games. Maybe Rovio's characters, which the company once said would make it the next Disney, suffered from overexposure with licensing deals. The fowl foul had [...]
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While we don't expect BlackBerry-branded foldable devices to be released in the very near future, a "conventional" KEY3 is likely to see daylight at some point this year, which means 2018's KEY2 and KEY2 LE are... more attractive than ever. At the right prices, that is. For instance, $420 and [...]
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Google has finally taken the wraps off its new game streaming service called Stadia, and from the information presented on the stage, it does look like it will revolutionize the gaming industry as a whole.Stadia isn't just aimed at gamers, but also at developers who want to take advantage of [...]
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Apple iPhone 7As Apple has done in the past prior to product launches, yesterday the company shut down its online store for a few hours. When it reopened, an updated iPad Mini and an all-new iPad Air were introduced.Earlier today, in a very unexpected move, the Apple Store was updated [...]
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