The Galaxy Note 9 is currently the most expensive Samsung smartphone, but that's likely to change next month when the South Korean company will reveal its new Galaxy S10 series. Even though customers in the United States can grab the phone for less than $700, they are either forced to [...]
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BlackBerry – the name is a familiar one for many people, but it doesn't have the same degree of notoriety it garnered around a decade ago. Before the iPhone and Android invasion, Research In Motion was thriving in the face of competition throughout the mid 2000s from Microsoft's Windows Mobile [...]
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Apple's AirPods aren't the most expensive earphones on the market, which probably why they're very popular among smartphone users. And since they're selling so well, many companies are trying to copy AirPods' design and undercut Apple's earphones.Mobvoi's TicPods are trying to appeal to a different type of consumers, those who [...]
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For those unfamiliar with a browser's incognito mode, when enabled it allows you to visit any website without the browser adding the site to your browsing history. In other words, it allows you to browse the web without anyone knowing the sites you visited. With that in mind, you should [...]
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It's hard to believe that Telegram has reached more than 200 million monthly active users, but the messaging app has become so popular thanks to all the privacy-focused feature it offers, not to mention that timely updates it provides on all platforms.The newest Telegram update brings a slew of new [...]
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Samsung is gearing up to launch not one, but at least two new Android tablets. We reported back in December about a new mid-range Galaxy Tab A tablet will be unveiled in Q1 2019, and now we have information about another tablet that might be revealed at the same time.We [...]
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A brain training system called Decoder is being compared to the Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) medication Ritalin in a new study published by the journal Frontiers in Behavioural Neuroscience (via the New York Post). The improvement in mental performance after using the app is similar to the effects seen when [...]
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Samsung has just announced it's new Exynos 7 Series processor, specially designed to bring high-end features to mid-range smartphones. The new mobile processor will reduce the cost of the mid-range phones without compromising performance.Thanks to its eight cores, the Exynos 7 Series 7904 is capable of delivering enhanced multimedia support [...]
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If you're an Android fan into Dark Mode, you're probably eagerly awaiting the next major Android build. As we told you the other day, a Google engineer has already blabbed about a possible system-wide Dark Mode feature that will be built in to Android Q. On the other hand, four [...]
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The South Korean FTC, which like its U.S. counterpart is focused on antitrust issues, is accusing Apple of exploiting wireless providers in South Korea by collecting payments for advertising. The Korea Herald reports today (via Apple Insider) that the agency's theory is that in the process of collecting ad revenue, [...]
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