Google has removed two Android apps that have been installed together over 1.5 million times. The apps were making money for those behind it by running pop-up advertisements that rang the cash register for the bad actors every time someone clicked on an ad. You might say to yourself, well, [...]
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Throughout the summer, there was some speculation that Apple would release a new accessory called Apple Tags that could be attached to important items via a key ring. The tag itself is reportedly round with the Apple logo in the center. The Apple Tags (codenamed B389) were supposed to work [...]
za 21 september 2019 - 4:18 - -
The iPhone 11 series of phones bring one of the most hyped new features that have been available on Android flagships in the past couple of years: Night Mode!And while the iPhone is definitely catching up with trends and is late to the party, Apple promises to actually achieve more [...]
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For the first time since being placed on the U.S. Commerce Department's Entity List on May 16th, Huawei has unveiled a new flagship series. Since its inclusion on the list prevents the Chinese manufacturer from accessing its U.S. supply chain, the company cannot install Google's core Android apps such as [...]
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It looks like not all is fine and dandy with iOS 13. At least two popular games are no longer playable on iPhones running Apple's latest version of the operating system. Fortnite and PUBG developers have already issued a warning for those who still want to play their games that [...]
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The new iPhone 11 Pro is here and it brings a triple camera system with a new ultra-wide camera in addition to the familiar main and telephoto lenses, but the camera improvements are not limited to just having more lenses, the image quality has taken a big leap forward.Naturally, we [...]
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If you use Google Search as a dictionary, you might be interested in creating a shortcut app that will open Google's Dictionary tool on-demand from your home screen. 9to5Google noted that some Android users who used Search to look up the definitions of some words or typed in "Dictionary" were [...]
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Microsoft promised not long ago that once Apple releases iOS 13, it will add a dark mode to many of its apps. Now that Apple's system-wide dark mode is making its way to all compatible iPhones, Microsoft confirmed OneDrive users on iOS now benefit from the previously announced feature.If you [...]
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The Gear S3 sells very well in the United States, but that might change with the release of the Galaxy Watch Active 2, a smartwatch that looks almost similar. However, the Gear Sport is just as good and equally expensive, as Samsung still sells this one for $300.The Gear Sport [...]
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Apple's new iOS 13 added a plethora of new features and improvements to iPhones, some of which apply to other Apple products as well. It might have gone a bit under the radar, but the Beats headphones will be getting a nifty new feature now that iOS 13 is out.Called [...]
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