Long-time rivals Samsung and LG Electronics are once again engaged in a dispute involving the Council of Better Business Bureaus' National Advertising Division (NAD) concerning recent allegedly false and/or misleading advertising claims made by LG in support of its Super UHD and 4K OLED TVs. According to a statement issued by [...]
vr 20 april 2018 - 21:58 - HDGuru.com -
Prices on LCD TVs in certain screen sizes could come down more noticeably this year as open cell panel suppliers, primarily in China and South Korea, continue to adjust down production volumes amidst building inventory rather than give in to pressure from TV makers to drop prices too close to [...]
do 19 april 2018 - 23:02 - HDGuru.com -
Sound United delivered to retail this week the Denon HEOS HomeCinema HS2 sound bar, offering wireless multi-room music capability, Alexa voice control and full rich home theater surround sound. The Denon HS2 (available now at a $799 suggested retail) also features a wireless subwoofer, high-quality music and home theater surround sound [...]
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Anyone in the market for a new television this year might want to take seriously a study released Tuesday by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and the National Retail Federation, warning that if the Trump Administration's 25% tariffs go through as proposed on China-made TVs and other electronic devices, it [...]
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ViewSonic said this week that it is preparing to ship to retail an aggressively priced high-brightness “4K DLP” UHD home projector, listed with light output of up to 3,500 lumens. ViewSonic model PX747-4K ($1,400 suggested retail price) uses TI's special pixel-shifting technology to present what appears to the eye to be [...]
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CyberLink introduced Tuesday the latest version of its popular media player software, PowerDVD 18, expanding upon 4K and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray playback capability along with high dynamic range (HDR) support, virtual and mixed reality (VR and MR), 360-degree video and online streaming content. PowerDVD is computer-based home entertainment media playback [...]
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Those who subscribe to Comcast Xfinity video services are about to get a little bonus through an expansion of a deal between the giant U.S. cable multi-system operator and the ubiquitous over-the-top streaming service Netflix. On Friday, Comcast and Netflix revealed a new agreement giving Comcast the ability to include a [...]
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In a strangely low-key way, the first audio video receivers equipped to support the new HDMI 2.1 connection specification and/or its Enhanced Audio Return Channel feature have emerged from a pair of manufacturers. Yamaha introduced this week its value-oriented $299.99 suggested retail RX-V385 AV receiver, which according to the Yamaha web [...]
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Vizio revealed Tuesday its 2018 P-Series and P-Series Quantum 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TVs, the latter of which will be the company's first 4K television in the P series to feature the use of Quantum Dot technology for wider color saturation levels. Vizio released model information and specs on its [...]
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Anyone in the market for a 4K Ultra HD-compatible 4K media streamer might want to checkout a series of special offers available on Amazon Fire TV products today. The e-commerce giant has sliced pricing on multiple Fire TV sticks, dongles and set-tops, including the 4K/HDR-compatible Fire TV pendant-style dongle with Alexa [...]
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