The Mi 8 lineup has gotten a little complicated - there are five major variations. The focus now is on the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, the latest addition. How it compares to the other members of the Mi 8 line is just one of many questions to be answered by [...]
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The Oppo RX17 Pro entered the European market this week and attracted some positive interest in last week's poll. The Super VOOC charger has some people hooked, the minimal teardrop notch coupled with a in-display fingerprint reader also seems like a design win. That said, it seems that Oppo may have [...]
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The first time data was stored on a card was in the distant 1725 when punch cards were used to automate a drawloom, which weave fabric and tapestries. In a way those cards stored images, though not quite how it's done today. Then in 1884 punch cards were used again [...]
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OnePlus announced its mid-cycle release: the OnePlus 6T in a New York event last month where the company announced that the OnePlus 6T was arriving to T-Mobile in the United States. We were also expecting to hear about a purple variant of the phone though there wasn't a single mention [...]
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The Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector is now available in the US through Walmart, priced at $2000. It's an ultra-short throw projector that can be placed between 5 and 50cm away from the wall, and is capable of producing in image up to a 150 inches in diagonal in 1080p resolution. Xiaomi [...]
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Instagram has come forward to users informing them that as a result of a security flaw their passwords could have been exposed. An Instagram spokesperson has said to The Information that the issue was 'discovered internally and affected a very small number of people'. The security flaw lies in the 'Download [...]
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Samsung's latest Galaxy Watch has been out for a few months, but last year's Gear Sport and the Gear S3 from 2016 are still available. Not only that, they're on sale in the US. Samsung itself and major retailers B&H and Best Buy will knock $100 off the regular price of [...]
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A previously unheard of vivo phone has been spotted on GeekBench - the vivo 1817. The existing vivo Y93 goes by v1818 internally, and the new model appears to be similar to that, minus one - it's certainly got 1GB RAM less than the Y93 base model's 3gigs. One of the [...]
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Huawei has applied for FCC certification for the P Smart (2019) and the papers reveal some of the smartphone's specs. The most important one is the battery capacity - the 3,320mAh cell in the new model marks an increase from the existing P Smart's 3,000mAh capacity. Going by the less consumer-friendly [...]
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Android 9.0 Pie has started rolling out to the LG G7 One in Canada, one user reports on XDA Forums. The firmware comes in at 800+ megabytes and includes the November security patch and camera functionality improvements. Mind you, we're talking about the G7 One, which is part of the Android [...]
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