Airplay 2 and HomeKit are coming to TVs from LG, Sony, Samsung (not HomeKit), and Vizio, but only the latter two companies are planning to add support retroactively. Owners are now petitioning LG and Sony to do the same. [...]
ma 21 januari 2019 - 12:51 - FlatpanelsHD.com -
An Apple application filed in Denmark describes and illustrates how four HomePod speakers can be used for wireless surround sound. It was first discovered by Patently Apple. Many other inventions detailed in the 568-page patent have already been launched so why has it not happened yet? [...]
ma 21 januari 2019 - 11:53 - FlatpanelsHD.com -
DTS and MediaTek have announced the first DTS:X chip solution for TVs. The hardware will be ready in the second half of 2019 and DTS:X will be "a must-have for the 2020 IMAX Enhanced program". DTS:X will also be enabled for streaming. [...]
ma 21 januari 2019 - 10:33 - FlatpanelsHD.com -
At CES 2019, Sony hosted two sessions focused on picture and audio where the company explained the technology inside and demonstrated its 2019 8K LCD, 4K OLED, and 4K LCD TVs. Here are our first impressions. [...]
vr 18 januari 2019 - 13:25 - FlatpanelsHD.com -
Netflix blew past its own expectations for subscriber growth by adding a record 8.84 million subscribers in Q4 2018. The company has also started sharing viewing statistics for some movies, saying that Bird Box has been watched by over 80 million households. [...]
vr 18 januari 2019 - 13:23 - FlatpanelsHD.com -
Amazon tells CNET that at its Fire TV platform now has "well over" 30 million active users, which would seemingly put it ahead of Roku's confirmed 27 million user base. [...]
vr 18 januari 2019 - 13:20 - FlatpanelsHD.com -
The 32-inch ProArt PA32UCX is the first PC LCD monitor with a miniLED backlight, according to Asus. It was announced at CES and is said to be capable of reproducing HDR with up to 1200 nits peak brightness. [...]
do 17 januari 2019 - 9:50 - FlatpanelsHD.com -
Google's Android TV division has a new boss and she wants to shake up things by once again refreshing the user interface, focus more on streaming boxes, and improving search and controls, according to an interview. [...]
wo 16 januari 2019 - 14:05 - FlatpanelsHD.com -
Netflix is raising its subscription prices by $1-2 dollars per month in the US. Most other regions will not be affected - at least not at this time. [...]
wo 16 januari 2019 - 14:02 - FlatpanelsHD.com -
Vizio already had a comprehensive line-up of Dolby Atmos soundbars and at CES 2019 the company added two more, including a 5.1.4 soundbar. [...]
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