As focused as Samsung might be on the Galaxy Watch, it still has plenty of affection for its older smartwatches. It's rolling out an update for the Gear S3 and Gear Sport that adds a flurry of welcome features, particularly if you're fitness-minded.... [...]
di 22 januari 2019 - 6:18 - Engadget.com -
Russia has long wanted heavyweight social networks to store data inside the country, but now that's becoming more than a vague threat. Communications overseer Roskomnadzor has started "administrative proceedings" against Facebook and Twitter after t... [...]
di 22 januari 2019 - 4:47 - Engadget.com -
By Zac Palmer Dodge is the last of Detroit's Big Three to truly keep the muscle car purpose and heritage alive with the Challenger and Charger. As the Mustang and Camaro have transitioned to sports car-like experiences, the high-horsepower Dodges ha... [...]
di 22 januari 2019 - 2:16 - Engadget.com -
Machinima's YouTube gaming channel has been essentially scrubbed from the internet, as most videos on the site have been set to private and unplayable. Neither video creators nor users of the channel were notified, Kotaku reported, so the news sent a... [...]
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Having conquered Twitter and Instagram, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumped on a Donkey Kong 64 Twitch livestream on Sunday to clap back at Aaron Sorkin and voice her support for trans rights. The stream in question was YouTuber H.Bomberguy's fundraiser... [...]
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WhatsApp limited forwarding in India as part of an effort to curb hoaxes and rumors that could lead to violence, and now that policy is spreading. The Facebook-owned messaging service has announced that it's lowering the forwarding limit worldwide f... [...]
ma 21 januari 2019 - 21:39 - Engadget.com -
The European Union's GDPR is relatively young, but Google is already in hot water over claimed violations. France's CNIL regulator has fined Google €50 million (about $57 million) for allegedly failing to provide transparent, "easily accessible... [...]
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Tesla expects to start delivering the Long Range Battery version of the Model 3 in Europe in February after getting the go-ahead from Dutch vehicle authority RDW. As such, it can sell cars across the continent without having to win approval from indi... [...]
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Peloton and its connected bike have become the poster child for a new era of on-demand exercise. Specifically, it promises all the camaraderie and structured routines of a real-world spin class from the comfort of home. Peloton's workout library is e... [...]
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Streaming detonated the film and television industries. As recently as five years ago, the advent of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube Premium sounded the death knell for multi-billion dollar businesses, altered the living-room habits of... [...]
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