If you thought State of Decay 2 was getting a bit stale even with a little DLC, relief is at hand. Undead Labs has released its expected free Zedhunter update, and it promises some significant changes to the gameplay in addition to extra missions --... [...]
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You can certainly use Amazon's Alexa to turn on some devices, but that support is frequently limited. What if a device is in a low-power state and won't respond to your hue and cry? Amazon now has a solution. It recently added a "wake-on-LAN" contr... [...]
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The Kepler Space Telescope has officially gone to sleep for good. On November 15th, the death anniversary of its namesake German astronomer Johannes Kepler, its ground team sent it a series of "goodnight" commands. They were meant to disable the tele... [...]
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Google+ is shutting down in the wake of a data privacy flaw, but that doesn't mean Google is now uninterested in social features. The 9to5Google crew has discovered what appears to be in-testing support for comments on search results. The feature w... [...]
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You won't want to rush to get Tumblr's iOS app at the moment... because you can't. Users have noticed that the social network (part of Engadget's parent company Verizon) has been unavailable on the App Store. It's not certain what prompted the disapp... [...]
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For a while, SpaceX has dreamed of making its Falcon 9 rocket as reusable as possible, and not just the first stage. Now, though, it's having a change of heart. SpaceX has scrapped plans to make the rocket's second stage reusable. Instead, Elon Mu... [...]
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After Adi Shankar chalked up a hit with his animated Castlevania series on Netflix, what's he going to do next? Why, adapt another classic, darkly-themed video game franchise, of course. Shankar told IGN in an interview that he's developing an animat... [...]
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YouTube is borrowing a page from Vudu's playbook, in a manner of speaking. AdAge has confirmed that the Google video service quietly started adding free, ad-supported movies to its "Movies & Shows" section in October. The roughly 100-title collec... [...]
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The support shared among readers in the comments section is one of the things we love most about the Engadget community. Over the years, we've known you to offer sage advice on everything from Chromecasts and cameras to drones and smartphones. In fac... [...]
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By Justin Krajeski This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and Engadget may earn affiliate commission. Read the full external hard drives guide here.... [...]
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