YouTube removed 8.3 million videos between October and December 2017, according to the platform's first ever community guidelines enforcement report. The Google-owned video-sharing website found itself the target of criticism after reports came out l... [...]
di 24 april 2018 - 8:20 - Engadget.com -
Walmart isn't the only big retailer installing a slew of EV chargers in its parking lots. Target and a collection of retail property owners (PDF) have unveiled plans to add a horde of charging stations in the (relatively) near future. In Target's c... [...]
di 24 april 2018 - 5:17 - Engadget.com -
You can already get HTC's Vive Pro in a bundle aimed at first-timers, but what if you're a business buyer who needs it for VR design and training? You're covered now, too. HTC has released a $1,399 Vive Pro 2.0 Kit that includes just about everythi... [...]
di 24 april 2018 - 4:12 - Engadget.com -
YouTube has been trying to reduce instances of mistaken video takedowns, but it's evident there's still some work to do. The company temporarily pulled a video from watchdog group Media Matters that exposed Alex Jones' conspiracy theories surroundin... [...]
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Early this month, Facebook announced it will change how political ads appear on the company's platforms. Anyone advertising about elections or issues would need their identity 'verified' before the messages go online, and the messages themselves woul... [...]
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This week the NFL Draft takes place, squeezed in between NBA and NHL playoffs action. At the same time Archer is back to open another season, along with Netflix's 3% and The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu. We also have the season finale of Homeland, and a s... [...]
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GOG is introducing user profiles, which will bring a touch of social interaction to the DRM-free games marketplace. The platform has hesitantly modernized over the years to compete with Steam, adding films and in-development titles, and the new profi... [...]
di 24 april 2018 - 1:28 - Engadget.com -
The popular battle royale game Fortnite is coming to China, thanks to a partnership between its creator Epic Games and Tencent. The Chinese tech giant, which owns over 40 percent of Epic, will handle distribution and publishing. Tencent will reported... [...]
di 24 april 2018 - 0:24 - Engadget.com -
Last June, Facebook described how it uses AI to help find and take down terrorist content on its platform and in November, the company said that its AI tools had allowed it to remove nearly all ISIS- and Al Qaeda-related content before it was flagged... [...]
ma 23 april 2018 - 23:52 - Engadget.com -
Byton wowed us at CES back in January with its first autonomous EV concept car, a smart SUV built for passenger comfort. At the Beijing Motor Show, the company teased its second vehicle concept, an electric sedan slated to go into series production i... [...]
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