Bigelow Aerospace has been working on inflatable space habitats for a while now. The company sent a small inflatable unit to the ISS that added a small living area on the space station and it partnered with United Launch Alliance (ULA) last year on p... [...]
wo 18 oktober 2017 - 5:46 - Engadget.com -
Hiding racy photos on your phone can be a tedious, manual affair. Depending on the app, you need to first select all the pics you want to move, move them and then delete them from your original cameral roll. That's not to mention making sure they did... [...]
wo 18 oktober 2017 - 4:56 - Engadget.com -
As autonomous vehicles become a part of the landscape, there are more questions than ever about their safety, and how to determine responsibility when they get in an accident. With so many companies (Alphabet, Uber, GM, Tesla and Ford -- just to name... [...]
wo 18 oktober 2017 - 4:00 - Engadget.com -
While Samsung continues to reap the rewards of being the world's largest Android partner, it also has its eyes set on the future of the connected home. "Samsung is very focused on the internet of things," said David Eun, the president of Samsung Next... [...]
wo 18 oktober 2017 - 3:15 - Engadget.com -
Indiegogo has become a viable alternative to Kickstarter for crowd-funding projects in the last few years. It's not just small projects, either — big names like IBM, Honeywell and Atari have used the site to pull in funding. Now the crowd-sourc... [...]
wo 18 oktober 2017 - 2:26 - Engadget.com -
So much for hopes of a Dead Space sequel in the near future. EA is shutting down Visceral Games, the studio behind the Dead Space series, Battlefield Hardline and The Godfather. According to EA, the closure is the result of a decision to "pivot" Vi... [...]
wo 18 oktober 2017 - 1:44 - Engadget.com -
Twitter promised stricter rules for abuse and hate in the wake of a boycott, but what will those rules entail, exactly? It's a bit clearer after today. Wired has obtained email providing early details on new policies, and they're mostly good news -... [...]
wo 18 oktober 2017 - 1:05 - Engadget.com -
Sports teams and broadcasters have been going all-in on high-tech initiatives lately. The NFL was an early adopter, with AR features appearing on Fox Sports broadcasts. The NBA just released an augmented reality mobile hoops game, Samsung has put MLB... [...]
wo 18 oktober 2017 - 0:08 - Engadget.com -
The Surface Precision Mouse isn't the only new input device in Microsoft's arsenal. The company's Surface site has quietly teased the Classic IntelliMouse, a wired peripheral directly inspired by the legendary IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 you might have... [...]
di 17 oktober 2017 - 23:45 - Engadget.com -
There are plenty of new racing games to choose from this fall (Forza 7, GT Sport, Project Cars 2 and Need for Speed: Payback), but none of them will let you change vehicles mid-race. Nor are they anywhere near as crazy as what Rockstar Games has been... [...]
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