If you have Google Pay, you might be able to tap your phone for subway or bus payments in NYC in the near future. The tech giant has teamed up with The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to conduct a pilot test for Google Pay covering select... [...]
do 23 mei 2019 - 15:22 - Engadget.com -
Apparently, some counterfeit iPhones are good enough to fool Apple itself -- especially if they can't be switched on. Quan Jiang, a Chinese national living in Oregon, allegedly took advantage of that by running an elaborate warranty scam that ultimat... [...]
do 23 mei 2019 - 15:01 - Engadget.com -
Apple became more upfront with iPhone users after it was compelled to admit that it deliberately slowed down iPhones in older devices to balance out performance and battery life. Now, the tech giant has promised UK watchdog Competition and Markets Au... [...]
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At CES, LG announced that its 2019 ThinQ AI TVs would support Amazon Alexa, and now the voice assistant has arrived in 14 countries. On top of Google's Assistant, you'll be able to use it on any of the ThinQ AI 4K models including NanoCell and OLED m... [...]
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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. The new game system everyone is talking about can't do 4K, 8K or even 1K, but we're still excited about Panic's surprise Playdate portable console. On the other hand, it's time to say goodbye to Ouya and Consume... [...]
do 23 mei 2019 - 12:30 - Engadget.com -
Elon Musk's Boring Company has officially landed its first commercial contract: A $48.7 million project to build an underground transportation system around the Las Vegas Convention Center. The initiative has been dubbed the Campus Wide People Mover... [...]
do 23 mei 2019 - 12:15 - Engadget.com -
AMC's movie ticket subscription service has now hit the 800,000 subscriber mark, the company announced this week. AMC Stubs A-List, which just launched last June, has secured its spot as the number one movie subscription service in North America at a... [...]
do 23 mei 2019 - 10:45 - Engadget.com -
DJI has announced that all its consumer drones over 250 grams will use "AirSense" tech to help operators see and avoid airplanes and helicopters. They'll be equipped with so-called ADS-B sensors already installed in many aircraft and air traffic cont... [...]
do 23 mei 2019 - 9:29 - Engadget.com -
While there are four full-frame mirrorless cameras battling it out for supremacy, Fujifilm is content to stick with APS-C and medium-format. Now, it has announced that its impressive flagship medium-format camera, the 102-megapixel GFX100, will soon... [...]
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Acer isn't just sticking to Intel for chips in its latest laptops. The company has rolled out versions of its Nitro 5 gaming laptop and Swift 3 thin-and-light that pack second-generation Ryzen Mobile processors. The 15.6-inch Nitro 5 (above) carries... [...]
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