For most people, their go-to camera is their smartphone. There's a reason for that: If you have a new phone like the iPhone X, your phone can likely take better pictures than most point-and-shoots on the market. They're that good now. But while phones are fantastic for what they are, they [...]
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Smartphone cameras have come a very long way in just a few short years, and our lab tests consistently bear out that these are truly capable of professional-quality photos. Of course, there's more to getting high-quality photos than just the camera—especially for a smartphone which is naturally limited by a phone's [...]
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The final football Sunday of the season is on the horizon and people everywhere will be celebrating the big game. To help you make the most of your game day, we've crafted the ultimate guide to everything you need for the event. As a football fan, I've been to plenty of [...]
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While smartphones have obliterated most of the camera market, there's one area where traditional camera companies still reign supreme: pro-quality video. And in this part of the market, Panasonic's GH series—from the GH3 to the GH4 and now the GH5—is the 800lb gorilla in the room. While it's hard enough [...]
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For years, I got my dad presents that he’d almost always leave sitting somewhere unused. The sports t-shirt I got him? He sometimes mows the lawn in it. The Blu-Ray/streaming device I got for him? He only uses it when I’m home. The pizza stone we got him? That went [...]
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The camera market has shifted dramatically in the last decade, and smartphones are no longer just "good enough" to be your go-to camera—in many cases they're just as good. But our favorites go above and beyond that, delivering the kind of image quality smartphones still can't even dream of. That [...]
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Drones are becoming more and more popular these days, but to many people committing to one still seems intimidating. Buy a low-quality drone and you’re likely to have a poor experience. Buy a high-end drone and you may just be setting yourself up for expensive beginner mistakes. Luckily, a lot [...]
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If you're on the hunt for a high-end DSLR that could credibly be considered professional grade, you typically have had to set aside at least $2,000. But in the past few years we've seen a number of high-quality cameras come in at $1,500 and under—and few have a resume as [...]
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Who among us hasn't spent way too much time editing an Instagram photo, hoping to nail that grainy, washed-out, straight-from-an-old-shoebox-full-of-pictures look? What if you could flex your photo-editing muscles with nothing but an instant camera and some film stock? A company called Lomography is currently crowdfunding the Lomo'Instant Square: a square film [...]
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There's something delightfully visceral about instant film. If you grew up in the days of Polaroid cameras, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The picture quality isn't crystal clear, you can't mess with the settings, and you only get one chance to get the shot right. It's candid photography [...]
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