Have your SD cards been filling up and collecting over the years? If so, you'll eventually want to offload those photos and files. And the best way to do that—if you don't already have a card reader embedded into your computer or laptop—is to buy one that connects externally. Card [...]
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While most of our photographs now reside comfortably inside our smartphones or live in the cloud via social media or online storage sites, it’s still nice to have a physical photo you can hang on the refrigerator or put in a photo album. Many options exist for printing photos—from large [...]
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Physical memory cards might seem like antiquated technology in this day and age, but they’re still very much a relevant part of using gadgets. Whether you’re storing mounds of technical documents on a laptop or several gigabytes worth of photos snapped with a fancy digital camera, Secure Digital cards (commonly [...]
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One of the last remaining vestiges of the film camera era is drawing to a close soon, with Canon announcing that it will be ending sales of its last film camera: the EOS-1V. The EOS-1V was released back in the year 2000, and it served as a template for the EOS-1D, [...]
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Back in 2016, I invested in a beginner-friendly DSLR camera to document a lengthy trip to Italy. My trip inspired me to create a travel blog, and as a novice (but passionate!) photographer, I wanted a DSLR to extensively document my travels and preserve memories in the most beautiful way [...]
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For most people, their go-to camera is their smartphone. There's a reason for that: If you have a new phone like the iPhone X, your phone can likely take better pictures than most point-and-shoots on the market. They're that good now. But while phones are fantastic for what they are, they [...]
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Smartphone cameras have come a very long way in just a few short years, and our lab tests consistently bear out that these are truly capable of professional-quality photos. Of course, there's more to getting high-quality photos than just the camera—especially for a smartphone which is naturally limited by a phone's [...]
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The final football Sunday of the season is on the horizon and people everywhere will be celebrating the big game. To help you make the most of your game day, we've crafted the ultimate guide to everything you need for the event. As a football fan, I've been to plenty of [...]
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While smartphones have obliterated most of the camera market, there's one area where traditional camera companies still reign supreme: pro-quality video. And in this part of the market, Panasonic's GH series—from the GH3 to the GH4 and now the GH5—is the 800lb gorilla in the room. While it's hard enough [...]
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For years, I got my dad presents that he’d almost always leave sitting somewhere unused. The sports t-shirt I got him? He sometimes mows the lawn in it. The Blu-Ray/streaming device I got for him? He only uses it when I’m home. The pizza stone we got him? That went [...]
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