Sony Xperia F
Every player in the mobile business is toying with foldable designs. Some of them have already announced their first commercial products, but the foldable phones from Samsung and Huawei have yet to hit stores. Others have confirmed they're working on foldable designs of their own, including Lenovo, Oppo, and Xiaomi. And [...]
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Game of Thrones
There's surely a lesson in here somewhere about first believing in yourself if you expect anybody else to. Game of Thrones fans are no doubt aware by now that the series, which took its final bow in May, racked up a record-setting 32 Emmy nominations this week -- but there's [...]
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Galaxy Note 10 Specs
Samsung will soon launch its second flagship of the year -- the Galaxy Note 10 -- which is expected to be a variation of the Galaxy S10 that went on sale back in March. However, the new phone will deliver several improvements over the S10 which will make it a [...]
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Apple Watch Sleep Tracking
The Apple Watch is fantastic. If you have one, you undoubtedly love it. There is one key feature of other wrist-worn fitness products that the Apple Watch is missing though, and that's sleep tracking. Even if the Apple Watch had sleep tracking it wouldn't be useful, of course, since you [...]
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Uber overcharge
Uber riders in a number of cities around the world on Wednesday were met with some stress-inducing sticker shock when noticing the price they'd been charged ended up getting massively inflated. In what appeared to be a case of decimal points not being read by the ride-sharing system correctly, users ended [...]
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Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds
If you're surfing like the guy in the image at the top of this post, you probably shouldn't have earbuds in your ears — you know, so you can hear things around you and communicate when you need to. That said... if you had a pair of Soundcore Spirit X [...]
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iPhone loyalty 2019
iPhone owners historically haven't been prone to ditching the brand for an Android, but that may finally be changing. Citing a survey conducted by device trade-in company BankMyCell, CNET reports that iPhone retention has dropped 15.2% since March 2018. BankMyCell says that it collected data from over 38,000 people who [...]
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Galaxy S10 Accessories
Do you have a Galaxy S or Galaxy Note from the past three years? You obviously love it because it's such an awesome smartphone, but what you might not realize is that it's not just an awesome smartphone… it's also an awesome desktop computer! That's right, just get yourself the [...]
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sls delay
NASA really, really wants to send astronauts to the Moon and eventually other planets, but it currently doesn't have a rocket capable of such feats. The Space Launch System (SLS) is NASA's solution, but the development of the rocket has taken far longer — and cost far more — than [...]
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Apple AirPods With Wireless Charging Case
Will wonders never cease? Amazon slashed the price of Apple's AirPods 2 from $159 to $145 for Prime Day, and the version with the wireless charging case got a $20 price cut to $180. Well guess what: the price just dropped even further! Hurry and you can snag the Apple [...]
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