Apple App Store pre-orders
Taking a page from the video game industry, Apple has now opened app pre-orders to all developers on iOS, macOS and tv OS. You might remember last year when Super Mario Run appeared on the App Store weeks before its launch with an option to remind customers when it was [...]
wo 13 december 2017 - 0:27 - -
Android Oreo release date, Galaxy S8
Android and iOS have been doing battle ever since 2008, and in that time, there have been some long-running problems with both operating systems. The iPhone's notification system is a mess, Android took way too long to put a battery percentage on the status bar -- oh, and Android's upgrade [...]
di 12 december 2017 - 23:58 - -
Nintendo Switch Christmas Stock
The Switch has been selling in stores and online for less than 10 months, but that's enough time to sell more than 10 million units, according to Nintendo. The console became an instant hit when it launched in early March, and it has remained a sold-out device throughout the year in [...]
di 12 december 2017 - 23:26 - -
dinosaur ticks
Researchers working with ancient amber thought to be nearly 100 million years old have discovered something that sounds like the beginning of a new chapter in the Jurassic Park franchise: a host of ticks which appear to have feasted on dinosaur blood. The ticks, which have been identified as two [...]
di 12 december 2017 - 22:57 - -
Charge And Aux iPhone X
For those of us who upgrade our iPhones each and every year, the pain of losing the 3.5mm headphone jack is a distant memory that no one even thinks about anymore. For people who are upgrading this year from an iPhone 6s or earlier device, however, the wounds are fresh. [...]
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iMac Pro Review
Apple earlier today confirmed that the company's long-anticipated iMac Pro will be available on December 14th, though it remains unclear if that's a pre-order date or if units will be available for pickup by then. Either way, the larger takeaway here is that die-hard Mac users who have been patiently [...]
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jupiter red spot
Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System, and aside from Earth and perhaps Saturn it's also the most recognizable. But unlike Earth or Saturn, Jupiter's personality doesn't come from massive oceans or a series of iconic rings; Jupiter's rolling clouds and its massive storm, called the Great Red [...]
di 12 december 2017 - 21:36 - -
Apple Shazam acquisition and HomePod
Apple confirmed on Monday that it's acquiring Shazam, a UK-based music recognition app. The move makes total sense, especially given that Apple has nearly $300 billion burning a hole in its pockets, but the big question is why the move came right now. After all, Shazam has been around since apps [...]
di 12 december 2017 - 21:11 - -
Apple iPhone X home button
Now that the iPhone X has launched to widespread critical acclaim and commercial success, doubts about the new device seem silly in retrospect. But as confident as many Apple fans were about the future of the iPhone, Apple itself wasn't sure that it was going to be able to pull [...]
di 12 december 2017 - 20:46 - -
LED Lights Flickering Flame
The Texsens LED Flame Effect Light Bulb is the sort of thing you see from afar on the internet and think to yourself, "that seems silly." But then, as soon as you see one in person, you realize you cool it is. This LED light bulb is designed to emulate [...]
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