electric blue clouds
We're used to NASA dropping gorgeous photos of far-off objects in space, but its most recent observations are much closer to home. In a new post on its website, NASA reveals the results of a mission that was conducted in early July of this year which saw a large balloon [...]
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Game of Thrones prequel series
The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones doesn't premiere until next year, but already details are starting to trickle out about what HBO will do next with the massively popular franchise. While talking with reporters at the Primetime Emmys earlier this week, author George R.R. Martin not only disclosed [...]
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Pokemon Go: New Pokemon
Pokemon Go is a worldwide phenomenon, but it managed to reach that status without ever showing us anything we hadn't seen before. Every Pokemon in the mobile game was previously introduced in a game from years past, but on Friday morning, a data miner who goes by Chrales on Twitter [...]
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new hubble galaxy photo
To us puny humans, Earth is a pretty big place. There's lots to see, do, and explore here on the planet where we originated. We should be pretty happy with our circumstances, but space is full of planets that hold untold secrets that are just too tantalizing to ignore. A [...]
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iPhone XS reservations: Apple Store problems
According to MacRumors readers and social media users around the world, Apple Stores have been having technical issues with completing in-store pickup orders for customers. People with reservations for iPhone and Apple Watch devices have been told to cancel their reservations and buy instead from the store's walk-in stock, according [...]
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At the end of August, Japanese space agency JAXA announced when it would attempt to deploy a pair of very special rovers to the surface the asteroid known as Ryugu. JAXA's Hayabusa-2 probe spent years traveling to the asteroid and today, right on schedule, the probe released a pair of [...]
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Wireless Triple Charger On Amazon
Want to wirelessly charge three devices at once? Don't want to wait for Apple's new AirPower wireless charging mat, which at this point might never actually exist? We've got just the thing. Check out the JE Qi Triple Wireless Charger Station on Amazon, which costs a fraction of what Apple [...]
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T-Mobile 5G speeds vs Verizon
The regulatory discussion over the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint is chugging along at the usual speed of government bureaucracy, but new details about T-Mobile's plans post-merger are slowly leaking out. In a filing this week, T-Mobile chief operating officer Mike Sievert said that the company will use its 5G [...]
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Pixel 3 accessory leak
Back in July, a line of code in an update for the Google app seemed to divulge the existence of a new Pixel accessory called the Pixel Stand. There was not much to glean from the initial leak, but it was hard to imagine the product being anything other than [...]
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space junk net
Mankind has made a real mess of planet Earth. Our trash is just about everywhere, from city streets to the most remote areas of the oceans, and that trend continues in space as well. There's an incredible amount of random junk floating around in Earth's orbit, including defunct satellites and [...]
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