Game of Thrones Season 8
The Game of Thrones finale has finally aired, and we know exactly what happens to all of our favorite characters that are still left alive. The last episode is in many ways a lot better than everything we saw this season, but the writing is, yet again, this show's Achilles' [...]
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mars 2020 spacecraft
NASA's Curiosity rover, InSight lander, and Reconnaissance Orbiter are all doing remarkable work on and around the Red Planet, but that's not stopping scientists from pushing ahead with plans to send yet another piece of high-tech hardware to the Martian surface. The Mars 2020 mission will send another rover to [...]
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Game of Thrones finale
Sunday's finale of Game of Thrones may have sparked intense debate over how one of the biggest TV shows in recent memory drew to a close -- but at least it went out on top. The numbers are in, and the official tally is that 13.6 million viewers watched the initial [...]
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nasa astrobee
NASA is betting big on the future of space robots. As automated gadgets become more and more advances, scientists are starting to imagine how robots could not only aid space travelers but perhaps even shoulder some of the load when it comes to various duties. To explore those possibilities, NASA sent [...]
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Netflix vs HBO
The day after HBO aired the long-awaited series finale of Game of Thrones, Morgan Stanley released the results of research that may give the premium cable network pause. Now that the fantasy series -- with its globe-spanning, extremely loyal audience -- has taken its final bow, industry watchers have begun [...]
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Xbox E3 2019 leaks
In many ways, E3 2019 will be the last hurrah for this video game console generation. Sony has recently confirmed that it is already deep in development on its PlayStation 4 successor, and Microsoft started talking about the future of Xbox a full year ago. Of course, Sony isn't actually [...]
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Game of Thrones
After eight years, eight seasons, and an endless amount of bloodshed, plotting, and backstabbing, Game of Thrones finally came to an end last night. As was to be expected given some of the fan reactions from the previous few episodes of season 8, the series finale was largely viewed as [...]
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Trade War
The trade war with China has reached new heights in the past few weeks, as the Trump administration recently announced that US companies will be banned from buying equipment from certain Chinese companies. Huawei's name wasn't explicitly mentioned, but it was obviously implied that China's biggest tech company is included [...]
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jupiter magnetic field
NASA's Juno spacecraft has delivered some of the most stunning glimpses of the gas giant that mankind has ever seen, but it's also taught scientists a lot about how the planet works. We now know that its storms stretch far deeper into the planet than previously assumed and that Jupiter's [...]
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