raven intelligence
Humans have very advanced brains — or at least we think that's the case based on what we know about life from an admittedly small sample size of a single planet — but we're not the only creatures on the planet that exhibits complex emotional traits. Ravens, which are known [...]
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Game of Thrones
Now begins the creative diaspora of the Game of Thrones cast and crew as they decide on the projects with which they'll begin the post-Thrones phase of their respective careers. Already, one such forthcoming project is attracting significant buzz among Game of Thrones fans and devotees of material from the [...]
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esketamine spray
Depression affects the lives of a great many people and, while there are plenty of options on the table as far as treatment, many are slow-acting and take days or even weeks before a person feels the benefits. On top of that, a large percentage of people diagnosed with depression [...]
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Amazon Echo
The cable giant everyone loves to hate is reportedly planning to expand into a hardware category dominated by Amazon and Google, with a device along those lines coming as soon as next year. Comcast has been working for more than a year now on a healthcare-focused device described as similar to [...]
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Honor 20 Pro vs. OnePlus 7
OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus 7 series last week, which includes two affordable flagships: The regular OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro. The latter is more expensive than previous OnePlus phones, but is still a lot cheaper than all the other flagships out there. Fast forward to May 21st, and [...]
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los angeles asthma
Breathing in toxic fumes every day is bad for you, and when you take those fumes away, you feel better. That's the gist of a new study published in JAMA, which came to the rather obvious conclusion that kids in Los Angeles exhibited elevated risk of developing asthma because the [...]
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Firefox browser
Mozilla has dramatically changed the look and feel of its browser since the introduction of Firefox Quantum two years ago now -- a release that prefaced the arrival of other new features that promote privacy and speed, like an extension that makes it harder for Facebook to track you. And [...]
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Gigabit WiFi Router
Are you tired of slow internet speeds on your computer? Are you sick of seeing your Fire TV or Chromecast buffer when you're trying to stream your favorite shows? Don't worry, we've got just the thing. You can finally enjoy data speeds as fast as the plan you pay for [...]
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google ai cancer
Science fiction has taught us to fear the inevitable rise of digital brains, and while it's true that handing too much power to machines of our own creation could end badly, AI is proving itself to be an incredible tool for improving lives. The New York Times reports that one [...]
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Windows Cleaning Robot
It might be difficult to remember since they're ubiquitous now, but can you recall your reaction the first time you saw a robot vacuum in action? Well, it'll pale in comparison to your reaction when you see what the FENGRUI R-C901 Smart Window Cleaner Robot can do. It basically defies [...]
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