iss bacteria
The International Space Station is like no other place on Earth, and not just because it's not actually on Earth at all. The orbiting laboratory is inhabited by crews of scientists that live there for months before being changed out for fresh faces, and this poses a huge challenge when [...]
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Purdue bans Wi-Fi
Back in the day, before the advent of the modern-day smartphone, the only way to waste time in class was to trade notes with friends, doodle some crude drawings on your notebook, or maybe play a few rudimentary video games on your graphing calculator. Flash forward to 2019 and the [...]
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Streaming video services report
As big tech and entertainment giants like Apple and Disney roll out new streaming TV services later this year to rival existing players like Netflix and HBO, it's certainly leaving consumers with a dizzying array of choices to pick from in order to get their streaming fix. On Monday, Apple is [...]
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insight lander digging
One of NASA's most exciting ongoing missions is that of the InSight lander that currently calls Mars home. The robotic lander has the potential to teach scientists a great deal about the Red Planet and its history, but first NASA has to figure out what to do with one of [...]
wo 20 maart 2019 - 2:03 - -
Netflix cancelled shows
Netflix sparked a bit of an outcry last week when the streaming giant cancelled One Day at a Time, a Netflix original family comedy inspired by the old Norman Lear series of the same name. The cancellation led Netflix to issue a rare explanation on social media, which this Facebook post [...]
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AirPower Release Date
It's been an interesting and unusually busy week thus far for Apple. In the span of a few days, Apple unveiled a brand new iPad Air and iPad Mini along with a revamped iMac lineup. What's more, there are now rumblings that Apple may release a refreshed iPod Touch later [...]
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nebraska flood images
Many of NASA's satellites spend their entire lives pointed deep into the cosmos, but the space agency also had plenty of lenses pointed back down towards Earth. NASA tracks all kinds of things that happen here on our planet, including weather systems and natural disasters like the record-setting floods currently [...]
di 19 maart 2019 - 23:35 - -
Firefox 66 autoplaying videos
Firefox's latest release aims to fix one of the most annoying things about surfing around the web -- videos with sound that autoplay when you load a new page, which can now be blocked in Firefox 66 along with slow-loading images and ads that interrupt the page-loading experience. Today's release includes [...]
di 19 maart 2019 - 23:04 - -
Call of Duty: Mobile
One of the best-selling video game series of all time is finally making its way to mobile devices. On Monday, Activision announced that it is teaming up with Chinese game publisher Tencent to bring Call of Duty: Mobile to the West. Made by Tencent's Timi studio, the free-to-play game draws [...]
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stroke therapy game
Most people play video games for their entertainment value or simply to kill a bit of time, but games have also proven useful in a variety of medical contexts. Customized interactive digital experiences have helped patients battle symptoms of PTSD and even train doctors to be better at their jobs. Now, [...]
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