Amazon Echo Show Reviews
Amazon's Echo Show won't be available until Wednesday, but some early reviews are already up and it appears that the critical reception to Amazon's Alexa-powered touchscreen device is mostly positive. While there are a few gripes to be had, early reviewers were rather impressed by the potential of Amazon's new smart [...]
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LED Light Strip
People spend so much time and money on home decor. Accent pieces are always important when you're trying to make your house a home, but all those pieces add up over time and they can cost you a small fortune. What many people don't realize is that there are some [...]
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Pixel 2 Release Date
The Pixel 2 is set to launch in just a few months, which explains the sudden increase of Pixel 2 rumors. A new report details the design and specs of the upcoming Pixel phones, potentially revealing what may turn out to be the worst thing about Google's new Pixel 2 [...]
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Pokemon Go Raid Boss tier list
With the first anniversary of Pokemon Go swiftly approaching, developer Niantic has been hard at work on several massive updates for the record-breaking mobile game. We began to see the fruits of its labor last week when Raid Battles were added to the game alongside the highly-anticipated gym overhaul. Raid [...]
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Steam Link Price
The big news out of Amazon on Monday is the special 24-hour sale on the Amazon Echo, which is currently available at its lowest price of the year (which just so happens to match its lowest price of all time). Of course, Amazon has much more going on than just [...]
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iPhone 8 Rumors
Considering the reports suggesting Apple plans to have Samsung Display supply the OLED screens for the upcoming iPhone 8, it's likely a safe bet that the image quality on those screens will be absolutely stunning. The display design itself, however, is shaping up to be ugly. Rather than keep a [...]
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SNES Classic Edition Release Date
The $60 NES Classic Edition was one of the hottest gifts last year during the holiday season, and it remained in short supply in the months that followed. People went crazy trying to get their hands on the retro console, and Nintendo couldn't come anywhere close to building enough of [...]
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Fire TV Remote Keyboard
If you own an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, you know how fantastic these devices are. There's a reason the Fire TV line is one of Amazon's best-selling product lines of all time. The Fire TV gives you access to more apps and content than you can possibly [...]
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Galaxy Note 8 Release Date
Dozens of new smartphones are set to be released before 2017 is through, but there are really only three launches remaining that are getting any real buzz from gadget fans, en masse. The biggest is obviously Apple's upcoming iPhone launch, when the company is expected to unmask the iPhone 8, [...]
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Nokia 6: Price, specs
Back in February, we got our hands on HMD Global's first Android-based Nokia smartphones at MWC 2017. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the phones, and now, months later, HMD has finally announced a price and release window for the most impressive phone of the bunch: the Nokia [...]
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