moon samples
Half a century ago, NASA sent humans to the Moon for the first time in the history of mankind. The Apollo missions were incredible achievements, and while NASA is in the midst of preparing for the eventual return of humans to the lunar surface, relics from those decades-old missions are [...]
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Model 3 Vs BMW
One of the more intriguing aspects surrounding Tesla's ongoing success is how that success continues to impact traditional automakers. As a prime example, it's no secret that the allure of Tesla's Model S lured away buyers who were otherwise keen on purchasing a Porsche. Notably, this isn't even a point [...]
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nasa news
Of all the incredible pieces of machinery that NASA has orbiting Earth right now, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is one of the most impressive. Its ultra-sensitive lenses can spot the tiniest changes in brightness of far-off stars that hint at the presence of distant worlds. Every image that [...]
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Google Maps directions
Getting around and navigating your transportation options can be one of the more stressful aspects of foreign travel, especially when you're somewhere where you don't speak the language and have to try and convey to a taxi or Uber driver where you're trying to go. I encountered it myself a [...]
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Apple TV Plus
It's crazy how fast the media landscape has changed in just a few short years. Not too long ago, Netflix was the bonafide king of streaming without a challenger in sight. These days, Netflix is seemingly under siege from all angles as the streaming giant faces competition from a growing [...]
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mercury transit video
Monday was a big day for astronomers around the world as it provided the rare opportunity to see Mercury transit the Sun. If you missed all the hype leading up to the event, the bad news is that you missed the chance to watch it happen live. The good news, [...]
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Google Stadia games
On Monday, Google at long last unveiled the full launch lineup of games that will be available to all who purchased a Founder's Edition or Premiere Edition of the new video game cloud streaming service Stadia. Starting at $129.99, the two packages include a Stadia controller, Chromecast Ultra, and three [...]
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LED Headlight Conversion Kit
If you have an older car or even a newer one that's actually affordable, you probably have those halogen headlights instead of newer HID or LED headlights. What's the difference? Halogen headlights are yellowish and they're not terribly bright, while HID and LED headlights are bluish-white and they project light [...]
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