Walking Dead Season 8
The eighth season of AMC's The Walking Dead premieres on October 22nd, but I can't say I'm too excited about it, after last season. However, fans should know that the action should pick up significantly in the upcoming season, at least compared to the first part of season 7. In fact, [...]
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Razer Blade Stealth: 2017 MacBook Pro alternatives
For the last year, Razer's Blade Stealth has been the laptop of choice for any MacBook Pro refugees looking for more ports. Razer isn't big on waiting for updates, and today, the Blade Stealth is getting its third upgrade of 2017. The laptop now comes with Intel's newest processor, the 8th-generation [...]
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megabots fight
It's 2017, the world is in utter chaos, we don't have flying cars or a cure for the common cold, but we do have giant fighting robots. Where did we go wrong? It doesn't matter, obviously, because we have fighting robots now, and you can watch them battle tonight via [...]
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Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the remains of an ancient temple belonging to King Ramses II. Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities says that the discovery was made by an Egyptian-Czech mission in the village of Abusir southwest of Cairo. The excavation site is near the famous step pyramid of Saqqara. Continue reading... Trending right [...]
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Best Neck Massager
One of the best things about ultra-premium luxury cars has nothing to do with the engine or any of the gadgets and gizmos that surround the driver. Instead, it's all about the seats. You don't truly know the joy of being hugged by the insanely comfy seats in a luxury [...]
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drone delivery
Everyone gets cravings for tasty, tasty Mexican food every once in a while (or every few days, if you're me), but leaving your couch is just such a hassle these days. I mean, you can order caskets on Amazon Prime and have them delivered to your door, so leaving the [...]
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AT&T cordcutter: streaming vs cable
Things aren't good in the land of Big Cable. Cord-cutting is happening faster than anyone could have predicted, which is ending three decades of lucrative cable TV profits. Millions of consumers are cutting the cord every year, and younger customers aren't signing up for cable in the first place. Instead, cable [...]
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iMac Pro 2017 Benchmarks
The moment Mac fans have been waiting for is approaching fast. The iMac Pro desktop, first unveiled at WWDC 2017 in June, will be the most powerful iMac ever, sporting top of the line hardware that should deliver impressive performance. That's something we'd expect from any new Mac — to be [...]
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Best Smartphone Camera Accessory
We cover a ton of different gadgets here at the BGR Deals team, but we've never covered anything else that's quite like the Depstech WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera. It flew off of Amazon's virtual store shelves the last time we told you about it, so we wanted to bring it [...]
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Netflix 2018 schedule
In a letter to investors this week, Netflix revealed that it is planning to spend up to $8 billion on content in 2018, which would mark a new high for the streaming service. In fact, the increase in spending alone is more than HBO spends on programming in an entire [...]
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