iPhone 11
Leading up to the iPhone 11 introduction at last week's media event, there was a sense that this year's iPhone lineup would be something of a stop-gap measure before the release of the iPhone 5G in 2020. To our pleasant surprise, however, the iPhone 11 is arguably one of the [...]
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iOS 13
Over the past few years, one of the more intriguing rumors involving a new Apple product has centered on a pair of Augmented Reality glasses the company was supposedly working on. In addition to the usual speculation from the rumor mill, there was also concrete evidence that Apple was making [...]
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iPhone And Apple Watch Charger
If you have an Apple Watch, you obviously love it and you have to have it with you at all times. You also know how annoying it is to have yet another proprietary charger to take with you when you travel. Want to kill two birds with one stone instead? [...]
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Galaxy Fold Broken
Samsung fixed the poorly designed Galaxy Fold and launched it some five months after its initial launch date, so we can all forget about the original device that was supposed to highlight the company's ingenuity. Still, it's a win for Samsung in the sense that history books will remember that 2019 [...]
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Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Amazon
People with large families have no choice but to buy large kitchen appliances, and that can be a pricey proposal when it comes to multi-use cookers. But a lot of the times people spend $150 on an extra large multi-cooker and then only use it as a slow cooker. Here's [...]
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storm area 51
It has been building for months after a California man scheduled an event as a joke on Facebook, but the "Storm Area 51" mission began with a whimper today, as only a few dozen people bothered to march out into the Nevada desert to hang out at the front gate [...]
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Sonos Speaker Sale
You know what's better than a Sonos speaker? Two Sonos speakers. And you know what's better than two Sonos speakers? Two Sonos speakers that are on sale at a discount! Head over to Amazon right now and you'll find a Two Room Set with Sonos Play:1 + $30 Amazon Gift [...]
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iPhone 11
Battery life isn't necessarily the sexiest thing to think about when considering all the new capabilities and technologies associated with Apple's new iPhone lineup that started shipping and showing up in stores on Friday. However, the company has revealed in new documentation that expounds on the battery and performance of [...]
vr 20 september 2019 - 23:06 - -
Best Selling Universal Remote Amazon
Controlling all the gear in your entertainment center doesn't have to mean spending $200 on a Logitech Harmony remote. If you'd rather get something nice and simple that doesn't cost a fortune, you'll definitely want to check out the GE 33709 4-Device Universal Remote Control. It's the best-selling universal remote [...]
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Google Chrome tabs
If you've ever opened more than a few tabs while browsing the internet on Chrome, you know how easy it is to lose track of them all. By the time you get to 10 or 12 tabs, all you can really see is the small, square icon representing the website, [...]
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